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The holidays in Mauritius

martes, septiembre 8th, 2009

Not surprisingly, Mauritians, whose origins come from three continents, holding a large number of festivals that reflect the diversity of cultures. Most events are linked to religion. (más…)

Traveling to Tunisia

jueves, junio 18th, 2009

Tunisia and the Tunisian Republic is located on the north coast of the Mediterranean and African country is the most European of Africa. 40% of its surface is occupied by the Sahara desert with its golden sands and mysterious oasis, but has on its coast white beaches and small villages that remind us a little by Greece with its whitewashed houses and doors and windows painted a bright blue. (más…)

San Luis and Senegal, the African Venice

miércoles, junio 17th, 2009

San Luis is the former colonial capital of the country and a World Heritage Site since 2000. From his time as a former French colony have been colonial houses, but in a few streets badly paved. The French gave him that name in honor of King Louis XIV. Despite the less glamorous, San Luis is a city full of color and charm.

It is the northernmost city in Senegal and is the closest to the Canaries from here leaving many boats (canoes), in search of a dream, a dream as simple as being able to live with dignity. (más…)

Abuja, a city on a beautiful valley in Nigeria

jueves, mayo 21st, 2009

abuja nigeria

Nigeria is the largest nation in West Africa as its beaches and tropical forests, savannas and its modern cities, has become one of the most developed tourist destinations on the continent. Nigeria mingle in the traditions of several cultures, is the most populous country in Africa and one of the richest, thanks to its oil fields. The capital of Nigeria is Abuja, which is perched on a beautiful valley grassland and sparsely developed land drenched wet rivers Niger and Benue. Abuja is made up of six local government areas: Gwagwalada, Kuje, Abaji, Abuja Municipal and Bwari Kwali. (más…)

Zanzibar the remains of an activity

domingo, mayo 17th, 2009


The heart of Dr. Livingstone lies in the hills of this island prodigy washed by the Indian Ocean. On the land where he hid the last beat of one fighter against slavery grew a tree whose wood cross that left the small chairs the Anglican cathedral of Stone Town, the capital of this magical archipelago of Tanzania. (más…)

Senegal: A look at Africa

miércoles, mayo 6th, 2009

The small Republic of Senegal and tropical is one of the most visited countries of West Africa and throughout the continent. Mauritania is bordered to the west, the south by Guinea-Bissau, Mali to the north and east by Guinea.

It offers multiple options to enjoy, including beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes and interesting cities.

Senegal’s climate is hot and humid throughout the year, but has two distinct seasons, a wet season and dry season. (más…)

Kenya, the Safari

sábado, mayo 2nd, 2009

Since Dr. Livingstone conducted their first trips by black Africa, to which Karen Blixen wrote his legendary novel «Far from Africa,» many things happened on the African continent. However, books such as the Karen Blixen inspired such beautiful films like «Out of Africa», which show a live Kenya, sublime, ethereal, magical. Many of us fall in love this piece of land watching the adventures of Merryl Streep and Robert Redford in cities such as Nairobi or Mombasa. Although we cannot forget the stories of Ernest Hemingway, in his journey through the natural parks of Amboseli and the Seychelles islands. (más…)

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