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Travel Potes of Cantabria

Lunes, enero 25th, 2010

Potes por Pepesanta.

The town of Potes, capital of the small town, is located in the center of the Liébana where it joins the river Deva and Quiviesa. Surrounded by spectacular scenery and situated at the confluence of four valleys of the Shire, the town at every turn reveals its rich history. Bowls is known as the town of bridges (hence the name) and of the towers. In particular highlight the Infantado (now the headquarters of the council) and the Orejón de la Lama, both of the fifteenth century. (más…)

Travel Riaño of León

Domingo, enero 24th, 2010

Riaño, 20 años después por yum_lb.

Riano is located in the middle and form Cantabrian_Mountains crossroads between the provinces of Asturias, Cantabria and Palencia. It is the newest town in the province of Leon, with only 13 years old. Riaño account currently has an artistic heritage worth visiting. Special mention deserves the ancient Church of San Martin de Pedrosa del Rey, the sixteenth century. (más…)

Almendral de la Cañada in Toledo

Jueves, enero 21st, 2010

Before the current name since the Middle Ages, the town was called Arriba Almendral Almendral and late nineteenth century. Since 1916 was renamed Almendral de la Cañada Cañada because Real is going through its southern part.

Due to traffic situation and the mild climate of the Shire, Shire civilizations chose to set his dwelling, which is evidenced by various remains have been found. This applies to the megalithic monuments in prehistoric times, as are “Majano”, and some rock tombs of the Middle Ages, known as the “arts” among. (más…)

Travel to Gudar in Teruel

Miércoles, enero 20th, 2010

Tejados mojados por Ese p.

The town lies in the foothills of these mountains, very close to Valdelinares and a ski resort, which means that their height is considerable: 1,581 m. close above the Mediterranean Sea. Crowning the village we find the Malena Peña de la Magdalena, where we find a chapel under the invocation. This rock has the spectacular view of the Valley of the Alhambra and the Sierra de las Moratillas. (más…)

The Iglesuela of Toledo

Lunes, enero 18th, 2010

Although there are remains of Roman times and even earlier, the first written document on this site dates to 1276, when King Alfonso X “El Sabio” gives this place Velasco Velazquez de Avila, who changed his name to Florida due to the abundant vegetation who owned this place. The privilege of granting it Villazgo Philip IV in 1641, as per the actual execution copy of a document that is on file with the City, thus allowing their independence from the estate of the Adrada. (más…)

El Burgo de Osma in Soria

Lunes, enero 18th, 2010

Catedral por JAAnton.

El Burgo de Osma (officially El Burgo de Osma-Ciudad de Osma) is a town and in turn a municipality in the province of Soria.

How to visit?
Its splendid landscape is known by many lovers of rural tourism and it s also the ideal destination for adventure sports enthusiasts and historic sites that describe it. Then the most popular locations are: (más…)

Santa Cruz de la serosa of Huesca

Sábado, enero 16th, 2010

 Dominating / Dominando por . SantiMB ..

The town of Santa Cruz de la Serós may be one of the best preserved of the Pyrenees, is famous for its traditional architecture, with stone houses topped with the typical roof tiles and chimneys topped by spectacular known witch scares, figures ending fine tapered chimneys with a protective intent of the house. We are one of the most valuable architectural peoples of the region. (más…)

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