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La Paz – A high tourism in Bolivia

Martes, febrero 24th, 2009

The department of La Paz is located in northwestern Bolivia and has an area of 133,985 Km2. Its capital is the city of La Paz, seat of government and the highest capital in the world with 3640 meters Pando is bordered to the north, south to Oruro to Cochabamba and Beni east and west by the Republics of Chile and Peru.

La Paz is a department in very peculiar because it can find from stunning snow capped mountains, passing through beautiful valleys to tropical lowlands. This is due to their different ecological and marked: (más…)

Hobby or a holiday

Sábado, octubre 18th, 2008

If walking as a hobby or a holiday pursuit seems a little too pedestrian, by which I mean lacking in vitality, imagination, prosaic or dull,then perhaps I have the solution.

Walking, or hiking, as our American cousins like to say, has gone high tech. The Americans, driven by military objectives, developed the worlds first GPS, Global Positioning System. This technology allows you to accurately pinpoint your exact location within 1 metre anywhere in the world by communicating with satellites orbiting the planet. Many facets and uses of this technology have deadly implications with missiles directed to their targets by onboard GPS systems. (más…)

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