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Wine tourism in Europe, for wine lovers and trekking

Jueves, septiembre 17th, 2009

Today it is a holiday in another way, differently looking for alternatives for our body, soul and mind to regenerate with relaxation, culture, activity, nature…

All programming is Magical Routes in this direction and now, as a novelty, we also incorporate, wine tourism, which increasingly has more followers prepared to undertake this type of travel and allows an approach to nature. Means that wine tourism and wine tourism whose focus is the wine culture that works to promote and manage the wealth of a particular wine zone, giving firsthand the fans in the world of wine production process and Details of wineries and vineyards through guided tours, castes and wine tasting, wine or accommodation areas to buy the best examples right there at good prices. This type of tourism is designed for lovers of the “broth”, but also for those who enjoy the countryside and all its components from the peace and good living until we breathe daily in the countryside and in the holds. (más…)

Turkish Gastronomy: Restaurants in Istanbul

Martes, septiembre 15th, 2009

Hamdi Et Lokantasi por Purple Cloud.

Turkey is starting to develop between major tourist destinations, thanks to its attractions, beaches, monuments, history, gastronomy … And especially for the warm treatment of its inhabitants and the low cost of many services.

We begin, Istanbul …

Konyali Restaurant

Restaurant located in the Topkapi Palace. Main dishes € 8-18.

The experienced restaurant, which takes more than a century serving its people, is located in one of the best locations in Istanbul, offering a splendid view over the waters around these lands, the Bosphorus and Marmara Sea. (más…)

Morocco’s Atlantic coast

Sábado, junio 13th, 2009

Up to Tangier Tan-Tan, Morocco’s west coast offers miles of beaches succession, a city of flashing white, sandstone cliffs and simple people who live and hospital resources muhit al-atlasi as it is known in the world Arabic to the Atlantic Ocean.

be included in the usual package tours, which usually contain a more or less hurried by the imperial cities, the villages and sites along the Atlantic coast of Morocco welcomed, year after year, to a greater number of visitors. Such is the case of Asilah, a town a few kilometers from Tangier Portuguese masonry tower whose contrast with the houses of the medina with a deep blue sky.
Asilah is charming, quiet, cosmopolitan and traditional, white, Indigo … Its proximity to the Tangier has become a popular destination for those who have only a few hours to make contact with Morocco and, indeed, is the ideal place for a first Rendez vous with the North African country. (más…)

The Gastronomy route by land “abulenses”

Martes, mayo 12th, 2009

gastronomy of the city

Spain is famous for its cuisine among other things, but now the point of touching the food that is very important for the tourist, because the first thing you think is the hotel to travel and where to eat, because most of the route and times We determined the travel guide and that is where the recommendations to cut travel Villa de Ayora.

Well there beginning the path between one of the gastronomic cities in Spain.
Route from the start until his arrival at Avila Arenas De San Pedro.
The crossing points; Cebreros, Navas del Marqués, and Piedralaves.
Notably, it is advisable to travel in any season, ie the whole year. (más…)

Gastronomy route by land “abulenses” (Spain) – Part II

Martes, mayo 12th, 2009

gastronomy of the city abulenses

Cebreros and excellent wine

Cebreros is a town where what stands out most is their fine wine, fine pottery and traditional, with its famous carnival and rooted in a mix of running, the floats, the groups, the rondon and the famous wine. (más…)

The genius in art and cooking – from Figueres to Cadaques (Spain)

Domingo, mayo 10th, 2009

Crossing points at Castello D’Empuries, Roses and all this within the littoral environment. The time is recommended all year round thanks to its climate. We have to limit the tourists to take trip to see and enjoy the artistic, natural, gastronomic route. Well if it takes advantage with a car and enjoy the passage route to the meet.

General information:
This route takes us to the northeastern sector of the province of Girona, near the border with France, for towns with a tourist attraction that blend of art and gastronomy. (más…)

Sicily, Italy on the tourist island

Miércoles, abril 29th, 2009

Italy boasts of being one of the most attractive countries of Europe. Millions of tourists are concentrated throughout the year in the squares and monuments of history laden cities such as Rome, Venice, Milan or Naples. If you are adventurous or adventurous, we offer a different one of the most intriguing of this boot-shaped peninsula. (más…)

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