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Budapest Caves and travel tips

Lunes, septiembre 27th, 2010

Budapest is known worldwide as the city of Hot Springs, not for nothing there about 130 of these springs in the city. But there in his basement some 200 caves, both small and large. These caves were formed by the same underground water currents that provide the thermal baths today.

Budapest Caves and travel tips

Photography by muppetspanker

Most caves are located in Budapest, and were discovered in the early twentieth century. Three of these caves are open to the public: (más…)

Winter Fun in Finland

Sábado, julio 31st, 2010

Winter Fun in Finland

If you are lucky enough to spend a winter in Finland, you will see the entire floor is covered completely by a thick layer of white snow. When you poke your nose through the door of his residence, get a breath of pure mountain air imaginable, which will fill you with energy to live a wonderful day, one of the few places left in the world who have Wonderful surroundings to offer.

Finland Ice Marathon

Photography by J_Makk

Finland is a country that over the years, is preparing to spend the winter, no doubt, and although it might sound strange, the favorite time of most Finns, because it is a time that can perform a host sports and recreational activities related to snow and ice. (más…)

Winter in France Route

Jueves, julio 29th, 2010

Today we will have a winter route for France. We begin our tour in Ecrins National Park which is a Frenchman who has an area of more than 91 000 hectares and was declared a nature reserve in 1973. Here we can practice trekking and mountain climbing as you will find hundreds of peaks that sit at over 3000 meters above sea level. Just one of the most important natural monuments in the area is the Glacier Blanc, one of the best places for rock climbing in Europe.

Winter in France Route

Photography by *cerise*

Then go towards La Vanoise, another national park that sits on the French Alps, specifically in the area of Savoy, near Chamonix. Here we find a number of resorts like Pralognan La Vanoise is perhaps the best known of all. (más…)

Cultural Tours in Madrid

Miércoles, julio 7th, 2010

Cultural Tours in Madrid

Photography by exfordy

The city of Madrid is a place where art abounds among other things its monuments. Thousands of visitors to Madrid come to know that aspect of the city, because Madrid is synonymous with art. For visitors who are close to reaching this part of Spain, today we have prepared a brief list of palaces and monuments and museums, which are destinations not to miss in your travel itinerary!

Real Palace:

East Palace, or Palacio Real was built after a fire that destroyed the medieval fortress, then the residence of the Habsburgs during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Des Baroque façade combining gray granite and white limestone. (más…)

The best places in the world for extreme sports

Viernes, junio 11th, 2010

Although there is dissatisfaction with the use of the term “extreme sports”, the so called “adventure sport” tends to practice some sport with grades higher than the conventional requirement. Here the danger of the activity and the risks that are assumed to be carried out by taking the title of “extreme”, although the latter has sought to be reversed by “adventure“, it is the most logical to call it.

The best places in the world for extreme sports

Photography by Peter Shanks

There are many extreme adventure sports that we do in the world and find: (más…)

Adventure Travel from the best: Mexico

Jueves, junio 10th, 2010

Verano coahuilense

Photography by andresmh

Vacation can often be understood as giving the opportunity for a relaxing time to get away completely from any liability of others and give himself entirely to be. But there is a type of entertainment that provides the same kind of catharsis and gets it rather than doing nothing, however, activated by limit and urging us to courageously assume responsibility for their own ends and entertainments acts within a framework of overwhelming nature. Just across the Rio Grande, tourists can enjoy a place for active tourism in the beautiful Saltillo, right in the Mexican state of Coahuila. This is a site full of deserts, valleys, canyons and ponds, where extreme sports fans have a whole paradise to know and conquer. (más…)

Toronto – Canada: The Other American Dream – Part II

Viernes, abril 2nd, 2010

Broadview and Danforth by Smedlipotski.

Following the post we present here to view attractions in Toronto …

City Attractions:
For the variety of buildings, Toronto is often a great location for the American cinema. That’s why they call Hollywood North. Broadview streets like Queens or may appear to those in New York of the 30s.

Casa Loma is a strange castle with 98 rooms, corridors and gardens, with audio tours in eight languages, including Spanish, to learn the history of a name ready to do anything to get a peerage. Sir Henry Pellatt had laid the foundation stone on the right side, on the northeast corner, a cabal in the construction of castles. Did not work. Luck stayed away from this man, who came to have 59 phones at home, but ended up sharing with his driver a small room in a garage. (más…)

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