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Spring in the land of Granada Nazari

Lunes, mayo 9th, 2011

We welcome you to Granada, a city of contrasts and beauty, always vibrant and full of life. Garnata, as known at the time of al-Andalus, keep the lines of a golden age in the garden that is this land and who has marked them forever.


Photography by Unhindered by Talent

The arrival of spring wrapped with a special light, this may be the best time to discover a city in which the hand moves past this. But what gives us Granada? An amazing fusion of history, culture, and entertainment in its purest form. (más…)

The mills at Kinderdijk

Domingo, mayo 8th, 2011

The Netherlands is the country of windmills, cheese and tulips. Almost any tourist souvenir is accompanied by one of three icons. In this article we will focus on the former. Throughout his entire geography Holland is dotted with them, here and there we see everywhere and I do not mean those horrible mills used to produce energy that do so much damage to the landscape. Currently the list of historic windmills reaches a thousand.

mills Netherlands

Photography by

But talking of mills Netherlands has a unique place in the world in which they took very seriously the matter of sheer necessity. (más…)

The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

Sábado, mayo 7th, 2011

The Dutch capital, Amsterdam is home to the Anne Frank House Museum. This corner of Amsterdam is full of a story told in the diary of a small Jewish family that moved to Amsterdam where I record the day to day during those years in that house and its surroundings. The museum is a place that seems endless but the queue is a must if you come to Amsterdam.

Anne Frank

Photography by Bright Meadow

Anne Frank was one of the millions of victims of the Nazi Holocaust during World War II. When Hitler’s party came to power in 1933 in Germany, the Franks, who was Jewish, decided to move to live in Amsterdam, thinking it would be a safer place for them and their businesses. However, in 1940 the German army occupied Holland and adopted the same measures against Jews in Germany and other countries. (más…)

The Natural History Museum of Toulouse

Jueves, mayo 5th, 2011

Opened in 1860, is a museum featuring the collection of stuffed animals world’s largest (2.5 million pieces). Closed in 1998 for over 10 years, the museum underwent a major renovation and almost everything is new today. The museum now has 3000 m2 of modern exhibition halls, but however great the space is clear that only a small part of your fund (we’re talking less than 1%) of stuffed animals are exposed to the public, although it say that this is a great selection. Only at the level of ornithology, for example, we can see 4,500 specimens of birds in temperate zones and other regions of the planet.

The History Museum of Toulouse

Photography by

Natural History Museum in Toulouse is large, and we can take an entire morning along it. We offer a permanent exhibition of 2,500 stuffed animals in an ongoing series of showcases. (más…)

The Amazon: an illusory paradise

Viernes, abril 29th, 2011

The world’s most powerful river, rather than the Nile, the Ganges or the Mississippi itself. Born in the Andes, over five thousand feet, between snow and clouds, emerges from a rocky crevice, barely a trickle of clear water. While most Andean rivers have eroded the easiest path to the Pacific side, just a hundred kilometers, the Amazon chose a long journey to the Atlantic, a distance greater than that which separates New York from Paris.

The Amazon

Photography by Alberto..

When one considers sailing the Amazon, the imagination takes flight, from the huge anacondas the classic image of Indians in the distinctive bowl cut, through the colorful birds and the silent but deadly jaguar. All these images exist, but in a jungle beat actually much quieter than we think, equally elusive monster that flow currents that sweep the Amazon, barely perceptible on the surface through the vertices of swirls, which look out to be everything in its path. (más…)

The Arles Roman Amphitheatre

Lunes, marzo 21st, 2011

The Arles Roman Amphitheatre is the world’s largest, best preserved and which has reached our days. Nor was the largest in the Roman Empire. And yet it is one of the amphitheaters that impressed me most.

The Arles Roman

Photography by Andy Hay

The Arles Roman Amphitheatre was built in 90 AD on the north side of the old Roman colony of Arelate thriving in full Provence, and was part of a general plan of expansion and embellishment of the villa. At the time, rivaled in importance Arelate Massilia (Marseille) as a major Roman colony in southern France, and for a time was even more prosperous and important than this, since Arles sided with Julius Caesar, the conqueror of War Civilian Roman Republic while Marseille did with his rival Pompey, and hence suffered the consequences. (más…)

National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico

Sábado, marzo 19th, 2011

The National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City has one of the archaeological and ethnographic collections biggest and most spectacular in the world. Without a doubt one of the best museums I’ve visited in my life. This museum opened in 1968 is considered one of the best anthropology museums in the world that has 23 rooms depicting American cultures that have existed in Mesoamerica in pre-Columbian era. From prehistory to the period of the most famous Mexica civilizations that have flourished in the Gulf of Mexico have been the Teotihuacan, Maya and Toltec

National Museum of Anthropology

Photography by gripso_banana_prune

Some of the most outstanding works in the Museum of Anthropology are Sunstone, an Olmec head that was found in the jungles of Tabasco and Veracruz, and many treasures recovered from the Mayan civilization, such as remains found in the Sacred Cenote Chichen Itza and a replica of the sarcophagus of the tomb of Pacal the Great of Palenque. There is also a room devoted to what was the ancient capital of the Aztecs in Mexico, Tenochtitlan, present-day Mexico City and how the Aztecs lived in it before the Spanish invasion. (más…)

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