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Saint Andrews – Scotland

Viernes, junio 5th, 2009

The town of Saint Andrews, located in the serene bay of Tay and bathed by the cold waves of the North Sea, as seems to be caught in time. Preserved, like many other places in Scotland, the essence of a great castles of the medieval past, wars and mysterious legends. The birthplace of golf, St. Andrews, is able to seduce with its relics of the past to anyone visiting.
Located within the region under the name of Fife, St Andrews is a town that became Villa Real in 1620. Not surprisingly, this city of stunning attraction was the residence of Queen Mary Stuart, who lived during the year 1563 in the House today called the Queen Mary Stuart (Queen Mary’s House). Saint Andrews but also preserves other aspects that allow the visitor to move to other ancient times. For example, the city has the oldest University in Scotland, preserves the medieval layout of its streets, a ruined cathedral, which was the legend that gave the name to this town, a castle that was the scene of several incidents during the Protestant Reformation and a beautiful Victorian. (más…)

Antwerp, contemplating the art of Belgium

Sábado, mayo 16th, 2009

Antwerp is a city of great European tradition that on many occasions throughout its history has featured among the other cities, not just Belgium. It was the cradle of printing, is linked to the famous painter Rubens and their churches have often been regarded as cathedrals, hence the title of this tour. Also, for lovers of jewelry must be said that here were the best of the diamond world. (más…)

Qatar, the majestic

Lunes, abril 27th, 2009

Oil and luxury emanates all out in the emirate of Qatar. Perhaps that is why tourist access is restricted to visitors with a high purchasing power. Who can enjoy the sun, the beaches and the desert and stay in fine hotels.

Qatar is situated on the Gulf in the east end of the Arabian Peninsula, in the heart of the Middle East. Bordered on the south by Saudi Arabia. Its 11,000 m2 up a bit plain and desert habitable. Most of its half million inhabitants are located in coastal cities. (más…)

Tokyo Bay

Domingo, abril 26th, 2009

Tokyo Bay with its surrounding waters of the Pacific coast of the Japanese capital. A place full of history where over half a century ago was signed the Japanese surrender after World War II. An attractive international destination for lovers of the long travel and the magic of the East. (más…)

Istanbul – Turkey The Thousand

Sábado, abril 18th, 2009

Istanbul, once the ancient capital of Turkey, has nearly nine million inhabitants and is the country’s largest city and the only extended on two continents. In it converge the civilizations of East and West.

What clothes to bring?
The most appropriate clothing for your stay are the cotton in summer, rain clothes for synthetic and wool for comfortable shoes and other stations throughout the year. (más…)

Cambridge, England The city’s intellectual

Miércoles, abril 15th, 2009

Cambridge, the city’s bridge over the River Cam, is a place where everything revolves around its university.  Belongs to the county of Cambridgeshire and is located 80 kilometers from London.

Occupies a significant place in the history of England since 1200 years ago was used by William the Conqueror as his headquarters in the “Midlands”.
Subsequently, the eleventh century a group of religious orders were installing their monasteries and abbeys in the city, and was in 1209 when a group of religious students founded the University of Cambridge. (más…)

New York – ¨ The Big Apple ¨

Miércoles, abril 15th, 2009

New York, often called New York City (NYC) in American English, to distinguish the state of New York, although its official name is City of New York is the most populated city in the United States and the second most populous in North America, after Mexico City.
It is affectionately called the ‘Big Apple’ and is recognized as one of the largest metropolises on the planet. His fame gives him the title “capital of the world, and as corroborating this credential, the United Nations has its headquarters there.

New York, with 8,168,338 inhabitants in the city and 21,923,089 in the metropolitan area is among the places with highest density of population in the United States, with over 10,000 inhabitants / km ² and is the fifth largest city in the world terms of population. (más…)

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