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Beaches and resorts of Uruguay

Lunes, julio 5th, 2010

Beaches and resorts of Uruguay

Photography by Vince Alongi

Would you like to know some of the most important resorts and beaches of Uruguay? Great to know first Dove Spa, a place of beaches located in the east of the country within the department of Rocha. You will be interested to know that the Dove Spa is surrounded by a beautiful pine forest and thus proves to be a highly touristic and commercial space to be considered a 100% natural paradise in South America. (más…)

Tourism, health and clean air in Gran Canaria

Sábado, junio 12th, 2010

Imagine an island of volcanic geology where dreams and anything is possible. Gran Canaria boasts to offer the visitor heavenly beaches and a privileged terrain and environments covering mountain ranges, ravines and steep cliffs, protected areas such as the spectacular dunes or areas of special scientific interest.

Gran Canaria Desktop Summit

Photography by jcorrius

Not surprisingly, much of the island has been declared a Biosphere Natural Reserve. Other wonders, such as its good weather, are increasingly attracting a cosmopolitan tourism. Official studies confirm this prestige. For example, the island capital, Las Palmas, is considered the city with the best climate in the world, as evidenced by Syracuse University in New York. (más…)

Traveling through the Mediterranean islands

Domingo, mayo 30th, 2010

The Greek hero and king of Ithaca who fought in the Trojan War, Odysseus, sailed through the Mediterranean while he waited for his faithful wife Penelope. On your itinerary seemed to draw the beautiful islands that now draw a sea touched by the wand of the gods …

Kos Island (Greece)

Photography by bazylek100

The waters of the former Mare Nostrum formerly known by the Romans have constituted a peculiar and distributed map of islands that can travel by boat and enjoy the huge range of leisure travelers dispensing. There you can find everything: archaeological remains, exquisite beaches, nightlife, great food and fun in abundance. Most important, though not the only ones: Mallorca, Ibiza, Corsica, Sardinia, Malta, Cyprus, Sicily, Crete, Mykonos or Santorini. (más…)

Fuerteventura between two continents

Domingo, mayo 30th, 2010

The sea and sand of supernaturally imposed on this small island canary, one of the oldest in the archipelago. Wind and weather have carved so thoroughly that his heritage has been downplayed by its landscape, a true tourist attraction.

Fuerteventura between two continents

Photography by Peter Shanks

Fuerteventura boasts a low-lying and long beaches and desert dimensions, thus encouraging best practice water sports thanks to the winds that bring the trade winds and the kindness of its climate, where the average temperature along whole year is 20 degrees, a privilege. (más…)

The ten best hotels in Mexico

Miércoles, mayo 26th, 2010

Mexico is a tourist paradise where every visitor, no matter their background, is a matter of interest to know and enjoy. And is that the diversity of geographical areas, both physical and human, which focuses on the different states of the Republic, transforming Mexico into a wonderful kaleidoscope. A micro world to venture without limit. However, imbued with the magic power of Mexican tourism, we must use the best means possible, a good hosting service is essential for this.

The ten best hotels in Mexico

The Hotel Camino Real in Mexico City:

The Camino Real Hotel is a luxurious and recommended establishment of accommodation that is located in the most exclusive area of Mexico City. Opened in 1968 and has since been recognized as one of the most sophisticated hotels in the Mexican capital. It has vast interior spaces filled with works of art. (más…)

Puerto Vallarta: Best Hotels

Martes, mayo 25th, 2010

Located in the beautiful Banderas Bay and near the Pacific Ocean, is the incredibly popular tourist destination: Puerto Vallarta (Jalisco, Mexico). As if it were possible to define in words, this is a huge field full of beautiful beaches and dreamy landscapes that provide the residents and visitors: days of sun, sand, palm trees and fruit trees typical of the area such as mango and avocado.

Puerto Vallarta

Photography by HBarrison

Although you want to spend your days lying on the beach next to the sun, you can also make interesting activities such as diving in the caves of Marietas; know Corbeteña aquatic species or El Morro, surfing in Sayulita or Punta del Burro, yachting or play golf at Marina Vallarta romantic walk on the area called Old Vallarta Malecón walk the blocks, and know the places, museums, churches and galleries in the area. (más…)

Photograf by Peter Shanks 10 Beautiful beaches do not know

Lunes, abril 26th, 2010

James Bond Island

For those who love the sun and the sea, here are 10 beaches that are to take into account during your vacation, given its natural splendor, these beaches have a lot to offer tourists, of which the following listed below:

Phang Na (Thailand)

It is a rocky labyrinth that juts into the waters of the Andaman Sea, south of the country. Mountain peaks emerge in the water, lined with green. The area above the bay is Ao Phangnga National Park and from Phuket cruises depart daily for touring the area, ideal for scuba diving. Many islands are uninhabited and invite an experience to Robinson Crussoe in this sort of mangrove sea. (más…)

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