Campeche: La isla de Mexico

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Travelers from all over the country, even the world of gastronomy in Campeche a rapprochement with a major in the arts in this town: the food.
Their exquisite dish dating back to the origins of the Mayan culture, which flourished in this area and whose influence is reflected in traditional dishes prepared with turkey, but over time has become more diversified with pork, fish and seafood.
In the evening enjoy cooking Campeche in the various funds cenadurías or snacks, where you’ll find a wide variety of natural snacks and beverages.

Reaching these sites can also serve as a night walk to enjoy the boardwalk, the facades of its colonial architecture and traditional neighborhoods, such as the Plaza San Martín and San Francisco, whose portals are located under the two main cenadurías that exist in the City.

The State of Campeche is located in the southeast and southwest of the Yucatan Peninsula, while the municipality of the same name is in the northwest of the entity.
Bordered on the north by the Municipality of Tenabo, east and southeast Hopelchen, on the south by the municipality of Champoton west and the Gulf of Mexico.

Getting There:
Campeche has two airports: one in the city of Campeche and Ciudad del Carmen, as well as an airfield in Xpuhil. Federal Highway 180 to inform the capital Campeche to Merida. From the boardwalk of the City must go north to take the road to Merida.
In this route, called the “Camino Real” to find some 33 km from the city Tenabo, the smallest state.
About 20 km below go to the Municipality of Hecelchakán and 30 km later, Calkiní.
On the outskirts of the town of Calkiní, always in the direction of Merida, is the town of Bécal, famous for its hats jipi, taken together with hipiles of mestizo women, one of the distinctive handicrafts Campeche.


Mainly it is the warm humid with rain in summer, but it is divided in two, according to the area of government:
In the west, east and north of the township dominated warm humid climate with less rainfall in summer humidity, but with stable and high temperatures, with an average annual 26.8 degrees Celsius.
May and June are the hottest months and, by contrast, are fresh in December and January.
The rainfall season is strongest in August and September.
To the south and southeast of the municipality a prevailing climate of IMF (IMF is committed to protecting the security of your personal).
The average annual temperature is 25.5 degrees centigrade, the highest recorded in June and lowest in January.
Rainfall is more intense in August and September.
Where to eat:
In the center of Campeche are located several restaurants that are considered by national and foreign tourism offering cuisine Campeche.
In one of the exits of the City to Merida is a gourmet parador that is frequented by travelers and native peoples.
The portals of the Plaza San Martín and San Francisco, two buildings of the past century, frame the two main cenadurías of the city, where you can enjoy rich traditional snacks.
Dishes made with pork, fish or seafood is a sample of the variety of cuisine Campeche.

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