Cadiz Beaches

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La Costa in the province of Cadiz is also known as Costa de la Luz, in its scope, the number of days of sunshine you have and that is grown, but perhaps also by the little shadow that make the skyscrapers in the front line because almost none. It is a stronghold on the Mediterranean coast paved the peninsula, 200 km of fine golden sand even with a point of virginity which gives a very authentic and friendly character.

Cadiz Beaches

Photography by mikebaird

The proximity of nature and the countryside in the Mediterranean beaches of the peninsula is becoming a scarce commodity, which can be enjoyed only in places inaccessible really. In contrast, Cadiz is hard to choose between the beaches and coves. Bologna undoubtedly arises almost inadvertently, as a marvel of dunes that die in the rural landscapes of Cadiz on one side and the other in the waters of the Atlantic, which are not always all warm and calm that one would like. This is also perhaps one of its charms, especially for the thousands of tourists making pilgrimages to the coast of Tarifa, Cadiz in general, looking for the big wave. Of course, there Cadiz, overcrowded urban beaches.


La playa de los Lances is the city beach of Tarifa, which attracts windsurfers from around the world. Has 7 km of fine golden sand. One of the features that make it unique, is that at one end, on the breakwater, we can embrace in one glance the union of the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Of course, it should swim with caution, because sometimes the currents are strong.

It is an urban beach that also has the advantages of services of all kinds, cleaning, health, security, restaurants, parking.

Beach of the Germans (or beach in Cabo de Plata). It is a spectacular cove a mile long, located between the two ends of the Sierra de la Plata (Silver and rope out of Grace). Near the latter is practiced nudism. The coast is very rich and perfect for diving.

Beach in Cabo de Plata

Photography by Foto Juande

Canillo and Pajares beach, consists of a virgin sand that extends from the Playa del Carmen, in Barbate, Zahara de los Atunes up in front of the saw retina with an area of 9 kilometers, interrupted only by the river Cachón . Fine golden sand that has been preserved almost intact it is surrounded by land belonging to the army.

La Barrosa, for its part is a semi-urban beach with a length of 7 km and an average width of 60 meters. You can enjoy a fine golden sand, with optimal conditions for swimming, due to moderate waves and the possibility of water sports equipment rental.

Cadiz the Beaches

Photography by Alfonso Jiménez

The promenade and the proximity of the Puerto Deportivo de Sancti Petri, Chiclana plus access from the bus line in Chiclana, La Barrosa make in the summer season is one of the most popular beaches, but if you travel with your family, too should be noted that equipment has close and also has monitoring and rescue service, as well as showers, changing rooms, telephone access …

Bologna, for his part is a wild white sand beach is considered the paradise of the Wind-Surf by the strong wind that almost daily. It is easily accessible as it can go from Tarifa by bus.

A Bologna dune extend over 4 km and has an average width of 90 meters, so it is very pleasant to walk and play sports that require wind, such as windsurfing and kite competitions. In addition, for the convenience of bathers, is equipped beach service, parking available, some of them watched, and the surf is moderate, although it is one of the most popular beaches for surfing. It can go nude sunbathing in the dunes, at the end of the beach.

Cala del Aceite (Conill), is the best known of the beaches of Conil de la Frontera, perhaps because of its greater proximity to the fishing port and Cabo Roche. Is about 300 meters long and an average width of 25 meters. The sand is golden and fine, but it is somewhat isolated, so it is also ideal for the practice of nudism as well as to camp nearby.

Barbate, this beach is not just for the bath of summer tourists, but that sets the character of its people, customs, cuisine and its history. Barbate is a seaside town with a charm of fisher culture, making this population also the perfect place to taste the delicacies that are caught at sea.

Barbate the beaches

Photography by Basilievich

Zahara de los Atunes: The bus makes the trip: Barbate – Zahara de los Atunes. The town has just over 1000 inhabitants and is situated at the foot of the Sierra del Retin close to wide, sandy beach. This seaside town was born and grew up with an economy based on fishing for tuna. Its splendor goes back to the sixteenth century, during which time they built the castle of the Dukes of Medina Sidonia and now only retain their walls.

What Cádiz beach you prefer you?

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