Brussels from Atomium and Manneken Pis

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The name of Broucsella ( “House Pantanos”) first appears in the X century The official year of the founding of the city is located in the 979. In the eleventh century, the city belonged to the Counts of Leuven, later Dukes of Brabant.

Brussels Airport is located about 12 km. of the city in Zaventem. Try not equivocaros because there are two airports. The other is in Charleroi, but is 46 km. of Brussels.

Transfer to the city is easy, because not only can choose taxi or bus to downtown, but also connecting train. You just have to download two plants within the same airport, and find the train that takes you to the center. The central train that is the Gare Centrale. In our case, the situation of our hotel, we are off at the Gare du Nord.

Tourism in the city:

Plaza Santa Catarina
Continuing the journey towards the center, we are the west area of the Church of Santa Catarina, a church in the year 1854. The church itself is quite ugly as it is poorly maintained. The truth is that throughout Brussels surprised how bad they are cared for all churches … more than that, looks abandoned. However, the area is quite good compared to it since there is a good avenue, with some sources in the middle and the sides of the avenue several seafood restaurants.

Neighborhood Brouckere
Coming from the Plaza Santa Catarina, remarks to the neighborhood where we are before entering the Grand Place. The area where probably eat more often. The area with more ambience with more bars and nightlife and restaurants, especially fast food.

On this street you will find the building of the Stock Exchange, the first stock exchange to open in Europe.

The Grand Place
We arrive at the most special and beautiful in Brussels: the Grand Place. Simply spectacular. And even more spectacular by the way, because it comes through a small medieval street, paved and very estrechita while you’re watching it from the small shops typical Belgian chocolate shop windows full of variety, or stores exclusive sale of beer … suddenly towards the front, lifting the eye, and was surprised to see the small street opens into a vast square surrounded by all and Flemish Renaissance buildings.

Manneken Pis
In a corner of the Grand Place, next to City Hall, is the Rue de l ‘Eruve. You have to enter it, the number of tourists in front agglomerating to get photos …

(Little Man Piss) in Brussels, Belgium

Les Marolles
Towards the Church of Our Lady of the Chapel, we will come to the neighborhood of Les Marolles, the bohemian neighborhood of the city. They say it is the most dangerous in the city. But the truth is that by walking its streets takes you a little back in time. Because of its handicraft shops, the quantity of curious objects that are sold, especially the antiques market is held every Sunday in its main square, Place de Jeu de Balle.

The gardens of Les Sablon
They are two beautiful places open in 1890. Small Sablon is in the center a fountain decorated with a bronze sculpture group. The Grand Sablon is surrounded by old buildings around it are grouped the antique shops of the city.

The Cathedral
At the height of the Palais des Nations, at the end of the park Brussels, spend entering on the Rue de la Loi in the direction of the cathedral. Its construction started in 1226 by the choir, about the year 1000 a chapel dedicated to San Miguel, hence its name: Saint Michel. The building is really nice, the interior is even more. The Cathedral of Saint Michel in the Grand Place is just 5 minutes. From the cathedral, parallel to the Rue de Montagne, you can visit the famous Galeries St. Hubbard. Are a series of domestic establishments, linked in several streets banner. Once in place you can go to clothing stores, jewelry, chocolates, etc.. Apart from the classic restaurants, bars and brasseries.

Brussels cathedral

For those who wish to see more things, you also have the Comic Museum, dedicated to Tin Tin, Belgian great idol, or the museum of beer on the Grand Place itself. You can even take the subway and go outside and see the area Anderlecht or forests on the outskirts …

We stayed at the Hotel Art Siru. Very central, close to the Gare du Nord, with perfect connection to the center, you can walk up to the Grand Place, in just 15 minutes.
The price is not expensive, only 60 euros the double room per night. The breakfast buffet is quite complete.

Where to eat?
If you want to eat fish or seafood, go to the Plaza de Santa Catarina. Remember that is typical throughout Belgium, mussels with fries. They are expensive though … about 12 euros. But I serve a big black pot full of mussels with a special sauce, and a source of potato chips at her side. Whether in the city center and / or surrounding areas, you will find places to eat with the presentation nationally or internationally, depending on your culinary tastes.

Good Luck!

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