Bruges, magic in the streets

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Bruges, magic in the streets

Get ready for a fascinating adventure full of culture in a nostalgic country of Belgium. In every corner of the city streets or places.

Even with the noise of the typical shopping streets, walk is a charming look because you look, you can see, first, the charm of their houses in stone, and on the other hand, the typical gift shops on the various Stores such exquisite delicacy, which is the Belgian chocolate.
And right at the end of this street, in conjunction with Sint-Katelijne Dijvers Street we find one of the most beautiful photographs of the city.

There, imposing on the corner we find the church of Our Lady, the famous Vrouwekerk, where the “Madonna and Child” that love in both Bruges and is in the chapel of the Virgin, together the altar. Virgin is a superb, done in marble by the very hands of Michelangelo.

Church Of Our Lady.

The walk down the street Dijvers is perhaps one of the most beautiful walks that can be made in a city. It’s just comforting to walk quietly among lime trees, stone bridges, ancient monuments, classical painters and giving life brushes with the romance that the city holds. Water is life and art made of stone in some paintings. And to stop them is peace, tranquility, serenity is, is that the melancholy that sometimes we enjoy these small pleasures that sometimes gives us life.

On the street corner where the Dijvers want to sit down, and while taking one of the classic Belgian beers, you get lost in time and enjoy the beauty tired of Bruges, its bridges perfectly imperfect, its cobbled streets and medieval buildings. Lose sight in the calm waters of the channel flow let the senses: the smell of lime trees, the sepia color of its streets, the soft murmur of the river by boat, the sweet taste of chocolate, or touching moldy and wet their bridges.

The city is described as volcano infinity of sensations. And with them, we are marching towards the Markt, where we expect the great explosion of light and color that represents the end of any show.

The Markt is the heart of the city. In the middle of Jan and Pieter de Coninck Breydel control the heavy traffic of tourists to the traveling and time for its ancient houses. Thus, one side of the plaza is entirely occupied by cafes and restaurants in homes that were built between the XVI and XVII. In addition, the Palace of the Province, neo-Gothic building of the nineteenth century. Finally, in its south side, the building of Hallen, whose tower is the city emblem since 1248.

Very close to the Markt is the Burg square, the second most important square in the city. Just have to cross the small street Breidelstraat, located in a corner of the Markt. Burg was found in the Palace of Justice, in the year 1727 and the Town Hall, which dates from 1420 and is of Gothic style, and the oldest in Belgium. In the other two sides are the baroque palace which dates from 1662, and the remains of a Carolingian church of the ninth century.

Once located on the plaza just to the right of the small street Breidelstraat, which we entered, and just below the Palace of the Chancellery, a small vaulted arch, which goes by the street Blind Donkey. A beautiful walk among the channels not to be missed. Just across the bridge, is the fish market, in the year 1821.

From there, it is but lost by short streets lining the canals and between curves and corners that lead has varied restaurants Gronerei (Green Bank). If you shut your eyes and remember intentáis you’ve seen the pictures of Bruges, the most typical, which always show are taken from here, from the Gronerei, perhaps the most beautiful corner of the city. From here, finally, connect again with the street Dijvers.

Finally, to finish the tour, we cannot visit the Cathedral, located on the Steen Straat, the first Gothic church built in brick in Belgium. And finally, on the outskirts of Bruges, just seven kilometers, the town of Damme, which is reached by a lovely wooded walk filled with windmills, and canals.

Getting to Bruges
The distance between Brussels and Bruges is just 100 kms. Less than an hour by train, which leaves the central station every 50 minutes or so. If on the contrary, we are on the road, after leaving the Belgian capital, just take the A10 for about 85 kms.

When I was I chose a hotel near Central Station. However, the city is so tiny that any hotel is well located for any visit. Here I leave with you a list of hotels in Bruges.

Throughout the Dijvers, especially in Groneria, enjoy of a romantic meal with the best view of Bruges. It is very typical here, as in nearly all Belgium, the pot of mussels with fries.
In the Markt, in the vast central square, rather than restaurants (which, in the plaza are expensive), I strongly recommend to those who walk more together of money, fast food, then congregate in the square almost all major hamburger chains and pizza. At the foot of the tower Hallen, there is also a very typical street stand sausages and similar foods. It is a pleasure to ask for a sausage and a beer and sit in one of the steps of the plaza to enjoy the view and ambience.

Une gaufre et des thés sur la Grande Place de Bruges

Belgian frites por VT_Professor.

Finally, a small street that comes from the Markt, the St. Jakobs Straat street where there are a couple of restaurants to enjoy a good cheese fondue.

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