Brooklyn Bridge

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A walk through the Brooklyn Bridge allows travelers to soak up New York, is to capture the pupils own images often seen in films and on television and feel the transfer is also swift and endless traffic which links Brooklyn to Manhattan all times while your feet and far below the waters of the East River draw their pillars and caress their huge towers 84 meters high.

Brooklyn Bridge

Photography by echiner1

While walking on the bridge feeling a movie star on the way, remember you’re in one of the great landmarks of nineteenth century American engineering, finishing its construction in 1885 held the title of longest suspension bridge in the world and although it has undergone modifications and additions in its structure, still has that image feature and the charm of joining two pieces of the big apple.

New York City Marathon - There is no way back

Photography by Thomas R. Stegelmann

The walk is long, an hour walking slowly, but is possibly one of the tours can offer more attractive than New York, as well as all this, you’re on a privileged place to enjoy the best views of the city , with the great skyscrapers in the background, the Brooklyn, Midtown and Lower Manhattan and of course, the river overflowed its majesty as backdrop Bay Ellis Island, the island government and the other great icon of New York … The Statue of Liberty.

The recommendation is, if possible, cross it at sunset, ideally in a clear and spring afternoon, when the sun goes orange staining of the river and the city, and the big skyscrapers … a picture is worth preserving, both in the camera and in the eyes … Now, for lovers of walking, ideal tour can be traveled in one direction at dusk, to return to the starting point when it’s dark and the lights of the city’s colorful stained the river.

And as for the security not to worry because the route is via the pedestrian bridge that allows the trip safely. Yes, careful not to invade the bike path that runs alongside, as the many cyclists that run through each day often do so with enough speed.

Brooklyn Bridge by night from Pier 17

Photography by Rob Inh00d

To access the pedestrian walkway bridge from the Brooklyn area there are two entrances, both very close (no more than five minutes walking) from the Metro station at High Street, you can choose from either if you are walking and if Bike will need access through the entrance located at the corner of Adams and Tillary Street.
And at the opposite end, ie from Manhattan, the closest Metro station is the same name: Brooklyn Bridge and the entrance to the walkway is at Center Street, with abundant and clear signal to arrive.

Anyone visiting New York should not leave without having crossed the Brooklyn Bridge on foot to feel the essence and vibrate to the rhythm of the city.

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