Bremen – The city’s cultural and ecological

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Bremen, is considered by many as a city of a thousand faces, is a city of rich history, tradition and so, high technology, science and space. We can say then that Bremen is a hub for many of its activities and development in Germany.

Bremen - The city's cultural and ecological

Photography by nishioka

Visiting Bremen worth it because as a spell, it is impossible not to fall into the charm of visiting. In this city there are many options for choosing and making. The tourists are satisfied after a few days in this city of many faces. Bremen is a city that welcomes science and important projects aimed at stimulating the research effort on the curiosities of the natural sciences.

Visit the Universum Science Centre Bremen is something that should not stop doing it here you can meet all your expectations, and the proof is in the 1,300 visitors it receives each day this spectacular building of 4,000 square meters was opened in the month September 2000. To get here you should contact 1st Wiener Str. If you are making a trip with children and adolescents is certainly a place to learn while having fun.


Photography by paco.esteban

Bremen is a green city because we can find on their territory idyllic parks and gardens of dreams conquer more than one. Has important power of attraction of the Rhododendron Park as their lands are generously sized.

Addition, this park also concerned because about half of the 1000 wild species known throughout the world are housed in the park. You know, if you want to discover nature come here.

Theatres and museums:

In Bremen, located in the northeast of Germanic territory, is known as the city of these musicians who make it their name and are presented their creations with different nuances.

Bremen is also a city of culture and having a successful mix of avant-garde art, classical as well as traditional and experimental trends in itself is a varied offer. You can visit museums such as the Kunsthalle and the Bremen Art Hall, located at 207 Wall Am. Yes, it is worth mentioning that the museum is being remodeled so it will remain closed until 2011. But if you wait a bit until in the opening of the museum, you will be impressed with the amount of international work and reputation which houses the museum.

Also walk through the Museum Weserburg, a place where we find permanent and temporary exhibitions with hundreds of works to appreciate.

For its part, the Überseemuseum Bremen Overseas Museum is located in the Plaza Bahnhofsplatz 13 D, in the heart of the city. So it is a museum that offers permanent exhibitions on the history of Bremen and elsewhere, in the 10 thousand square meters of extension.

We can also go to theaters like the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie, home of the Philharmonic Orchestra of the city and the Theater am Goetheplatz, where he also can appreciate classical music.

Market Place in Bremen

Photography by reiner.kraft

On the other hand, Bremen is also shown as an ideal city for shopping, you can do this together enjoying the attractions of the city.

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