Bremen, the city of beer in Germany

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Only those who know the most northern Germany know to what extent they can break the clichés regarding the way of being of its inhabitants. Perhaps because they are traditional port locations, the fact are that the traveler arrives in Bremen is a city that welcomes with open arms.

If the Belgians are the greatest craftsmen of the beer, the Germans are the best consumers of this product and excellent producers, of course. Here are stout, toast, wheat, barley, fruit, sparkling or fine bubble. For everyone’s tastes. The best thing is to try to enter the cozy local pubs. Besides enjoying the fermented barley, then the open and friendly people living there.

We started with beer because in Bremen, on the river Wasser is one of the five factories that exist around the world to a brand of beer. This plant spreads the aroma of cereal throughout the city, providing a special atmosphere Bremen and dense, mainly at night.

The historic city center is very beautiful. Schnoor live in the neighborhood streets that still retain the medieval flavor and where you can enjoy the work of goldsmiths and carpenters who work in establishments which produce tiny delicate puppetry, pipes, musical instruments…

The market square, Marktplatz, is an outstanding architectural ensemble in which buildings are also seven different centuries. Despite the bombings of the last great European war left severely damaged part of this legacy and the restoration work was done with such delicacy that it is impossible to note which side has the least forty years and what is holding up in the next walk past four centuries. This restoration work is particularly impressive in the cathedral of San Pedro, a beautiful Gothic building with two identical towers.
The Marktplatz is dominated by a magnificent statue of Roland protected by a huge shield which shines the German two-headed eagle.


Next to it stands the Rathaus or City Hall, a beautiful example of German Renaissance whose floor can be visited with a guide. The cellars of this beautiful building, hosting dozens of casks of wine kept in the best German wines.
Perhaps the musicians of Bremen are the best known citizens of this Hanseatic city. The donkey, dog, cat and rooster who immortalized the Brothers Grimm can be seen in a bronze statue in the western facade of City Hall.

If you stroll through the center of Bremen is a feast for the senses, do it for its parks and gardens is not less, especially in autumn, when the city dresses tones ochres, yellows and reds. Especially recommendable is lost because of Rhododendrons Park, where they grow 680 species of the 1,000 that make up this botanical family. Spring and summer walks along the river Wasser is another of the attractions of Bremen, especially when near the town dock big boats or yachts are held in old markets.

Bremen, the city of beer in Germany

As a good German city, the culture is present in every corner of Bremen. Premises offering live jazz are numerous, as well as concert halls.

The Kunsthalle art collection, a number of cinemas, the largest museum of contemporary art in Germany the Weserburg and abundant theaters (there are puppets of transvestites, a boat drama …) complement the cultural offerings of the city.

It also enjoys a diverse range of restaurants, mostly along the Wess, specializing in seafood and fish here are famous thousand ways to cook lobster beds serve guacamole or spaghetti.

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