Brazil travels by train

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Brazil is extraordinary in many respects. His incredible size, the innate joy that distill some of its cities and its lush Amazon makes it unique and incomprehensible. It is the country where they surpass all records, the largest state in South America, the Amazon basin represents one-fifth of all fresh water reserves on the planet, and even has the largest dinosaur footprint that was found.

Brazil travels

Photography by Crucsou-Barus

Its vastness is such that it is practically impossible to cover in one trip or a single post. But perhaps one of his lesser-known facets is the mining and railroad past can be discovered today thanks to the lines of cultural and tourist trains that run some of the most beautiful.

Serra Verde Express Imperial Ferrovia (State of Paraná):

One of these routes has its origin in Curitiba departure, destination Marumbi, Morretes and Paranagua. The outputs will depend on the season (high season work every day) the distance of the route covers 110 kms.

The best route is that it is one of the most interesting tourist trains in the world, its history (since 1880) and the spectacular landscape in its path. Skirts the cliffs of the Serra do Mar, in the Atlantic Forest, and passes through 13 tunnels, 41 bridges, viaducts and gorges scattered waterfalls. An experience for the tourist who has before his eyes these spectacular panoramic views along the route.

Brazil travels by train

Photography by henribergius

As for travel time, this takes about four hours, the train stops at old stations, villages and waterfalls, so that travelers can enjoy the scenery.

A tip from the point of going, is better placed on the left side of the train, with reference to the direction in which it is addressed. This is interesting side trip, and from which overlooks the countryside. And around the corner, get right, of course!

Trem das Águas (Minas Gerais):

This train originated in São Lourenço bound Soledade of Mines. The outputs of the train are all on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. The travel distance is 10 km.

The best for the tour is that you will feel that you travel in time. Since it uses a former railway line built by the British, following the legendary road traveled by Don Pedro II and his royal entourage, looking for a more pleasant climate and the best water. One of its main attractions is to enter the mining culture and cuisine of the region.


Photography by Daniel Garcia Neto

Railway Viacao Jaguariúna Campinas (Estado de Sao Paulo):

This train route has its origin in Campinas, bound Jaguariúna, goes on Saturdays and Sundays. The distance is 24 kms.

The best of course is the very fact of travel and see the main attraction, which is certainly a steam train of the nineteenth century. During the tour, enjoy a leisurely stroll through the culture and the nature of the region.

If you want to explore this wonderful country by train, you can find more lines on the official website of the cultural and tourist trains in Brazil.

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