Bratislava, the romantic capital of Slovakia

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Consecrated as the largest city of Slovakia, Bratislava not only excels in economy and population, but also for its deep history that surrounds the small streets that run through the orange roofs.

the Castle of Bratislava

Photography by morrissey

Barely 60 km from Vienna and about 200 of Budapest, Bratislava his multi-image shows ranging from the progress of industrialization at its most noble, its ancient history embodied in the old streets.

This is reflected in the historic old town site, known as the Old City, which consists of an intersection of architectural styles, the product of the ancient history that marked the walls of buildings, letting them speak for themselves. Thus, in some cases, we find areas with buildings that have baroque, Gothic, Renaissance, eclectic or influenced by Art Nouveau.

Here, as in any city in Europe, its historical monuments stand connected with religion and royalty. Thus, then find the Cathedral of San Martín, gothic and made between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries, serving as a main stage for the coronation for the Kingdom of Hungary, between 1563 and 1830. Santa Isabel Church, popularly known as the Blue Church is on the other hand, the oldest of all. Finally, the Franciscan Church, built in the thirteenth century was the scene of several ceremonies multiple of great importance.

As for palaces and castles in question has some copies Bratislava impeccable, exceptional source of tourism in the region. Grassalkovich Palace built in 1700 is one of the best preserved baroque copies. He currently serves on the president’s residence in Slovakia.

Devin Castle and the Castle of Bratislava are two important monuments which currently house museums. The first was, at the time was an important fortress of Great Moravia and the principles of the Hungarian State. He currently stars as a recently renovated building, having been destroyed by Napoleon’s troops in 1809. Inside, a museum which has a long and important history, showing moments of brilliance through the site over the years.

Devin Castle

 Photography by maryatexitzero

Bratislava Castle on the other hand, is the most popular of the two, having been rebuilt many times through the styles belonging to different kingdoms that were housed there. This is about 85 meters above the Danube River, with an ancient stone structure dating from the tenth century By 1430, the Castle became a gothic fortress under the command of Sigismund of Luxembourg. More than one hundred years later, the castle became a Renaissance building and into 1649 is again rebuilt, this time in the Baroque style. During the reign of Maria Theresa, this office became a prestigious royal seat of great recognition until 1811, when it is destroyed almost completely and remained in ruins until 1950, when it was rebuilt keeping the style she had given Mary Teresa.

Other buildings of interest are the Puerta de Miguel, of medieval origin and one of the only copies left over from the ancient fortifications surrounding the city. The Museum of the City of Bratislava, located in the old town hall is a set of three buildings dating from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, and finally a curiosity worth a visit: the narrowest house in Europe, located near the Miguel Gate, near the oldest buildings in the city.

Bratislava City Hall

Photography by meneldur

Savor the experience exciting journey in Slovakia!

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