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Forbidden City, Beijing por Christopher Chan.

Beijing, capital of China, the great Asian giant is a yet unknown destination for a city about contaminated or counterfeit market, for others a Forbidden City or an Olympic venue. But Beijing, which is like the Pekinese called his own city, is a city to live.

Starting in August, I think from these months is a very interesting destination to visit, provided they are made without prejudice and willing to immerse ourselves in something beyond the crowds. Yes, it is true that China will always be Chinese, but Beijing today, just had a good face wash worth enjoying.
Today, whole neighborhoods of low houses have been transformed into broad boulevards, care parks and other green areas, the metro has grown from two lines of old trains without air conditioning and low frequency, a network of a dozen lines, stations new or fully remodeled, spacious and air-conditioned coaches with TV screens …

What I mean is that if we go from here to Beijing, now we will find a modern, newly remodeled, with a variety of attractions and tourism without being massed.

With this “variety of attractions” of which I speak, I mean that we can find more things than we imagine in a city like this.

We can find monuments, temples and palaces that recall the grandeur of ancient dynasties of China: The Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven or the Summer Palace of the Emperor is some examples.

If what interests us is the recent history and Communist China, will recommend a stroll through the Plaza de Tian-an, including a visit to the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong, where we see his embalmed body in a transparent display case.

Mausoleum of Mao Zedong por Andy1878.

If you prefer one of the wonders of the world can rent a trip or pay a cicerone to take us by car a few kilometers from the city to visit a section of the Great Wall of China.

If we feel like buying in the famous Silk Market in Beijing, where we find most faithful counterfeit famous brands in the world only we have to take line 1 to Suburban Station and a Yong Li prepare to haggle to death by any of the 6 floors of the building, which concentrates specialized in such products.

To find a moment of relaxation and tranquility, we can always go to the area’s most luxurious hotels where we can escape the hustle and give us a break in one of the saunas or massage parlors in the area, where we can also sample food site or other provinces of China (a country that is valued worldwide for its cuisine) in the many local restaurants. Although I still prefer the taste of snacks and street stalls in the downtown area, although its appearance does not say much for the health conditions of what one imagines.

If you want to visit the newly-Olympic facilities in the area need only contact to the underground line 8 and stroll through beautiful gardens between buildings really impressive as the Beijing National Stadium (the nest) or the National Aquatics Center (the Hub) .

Watercube por Jonas in China.

In the evening we can see some acrobatic show in the theater, martial arts exhibitions or attend the famous Peking Opera. These shows are almost daily demands are given by Western tourists, who are the most exotic find these arts.
But if what we want is to live the night, amid neon lights, drinks (whether alcoholic or not) and music, you have to immerse yourself in the nightlife.

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