Bars in Beijing

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No doubt the capital of China is fully prepared for the visit of tourists, either for its variety traditional, like the Forbidden City, Summer Palace and the Great Wall of China, as its new buildings, among which stand out the constructions for the Olympic Games. Furthermore, the multifaceted city offers a wide range of bars, restaurants and clubs to guarantee an unforgettable night.

Bars in Beijing

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One of the most popular areas of Beijing is called Sanlitun Bar Street (located in the Sanlitun Embassy Area), an area composed of six blocks where you can find the widest range of offerings in terms of fun involved. Since traditional façades bars, to sophisticated and bright environments that invite visitors to shop around and enjoy. It is also surrounded by discos are often invited bands playing live music or DJ’s reputation. The music varies according to tastes, offering everything from Asian to Caribbean salsa music, through classic hits of the eighties, hip hop and rock & roll.

Sanlitun is characterized by its split personality: during the day, is a quiet street with restaurants and bars that invite tourists to take a cold beer under the shade of a tree, or lie quietly in a chair to pause after a long walk. But at night, the lights projecting a multitude of radiant colors that promote the entry of establishments, and was always attended by a large majority of foreigners.

Another area of great importance and scale is found around Hou Hai Lake, adjacent to visit Beihai Park, located along the legendary Forbidden City. On this site you will find a different landscape, full of old buildings, with white walls and dark roofs worn and mingle with the colorful banners promoting the restaurants and bars.

During the day is mostly attended by large flows of families wishing to walk on the wafers to pedal or the more traditional, as found in the city of Suzhou. On the other hand, most tourists prefer to walk the streets who die in the lake, which are full of businesses that offer local and Tibetan handicrafts, creating a colorful and joy to the area.

At night, however, the streets are illuminated by endless rows of colored lanterns, creating a festive atmosphere throughout the year, inviting the visitor to enjoy the nightlife in Beijing. The sites are placed on old buildings, so that when they enter them, you can see an excellent value and strong tradition, as well as numerous balconies and are immersed in a sea of rooftops, creating a different experience that very far to the classic night out.

Whether to try ethnic food enjoy the bars or dance the night these two areas of Beijing no doubt will ensure a memorable exit, which is mixed with tradition and diversity of cultures around the world.

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