Bangalore: Travel Tips – Part II

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Restaurant por Preferred Hotel Group.

Following the post, we will say that this time we will talk about eating and useful information you should know before arriving in Bangalore. Now continue with the story.


For lovers of spicy, this is gastronomic heaven. For those who do not spend a bean chili or pepper should clarify and reiterate that the dish be prepared without seasoning or directly state: “I’m allergic to the main meal”.

Of course there is no beef on the menu of Indian restaurants. The meats on offer are lamb, pork or chicken. The letter difference with a red circle in non-vegetarian meals and one green for which they are made with only vegetables.

The restaurants, which are rare, usually reserved for foreigners. The locals eat in the streets, from fruit and peeled up food with a little more preparation, but this is not suitable for foreign stomachs, unless they travel vaccinated against hepatitis A and running the risk of experiencing an Indian indigestion.

Where to eat?

* The local fast-food menu offers the equivalent of three dollars. In a typical restaurant, the dish is around ten dollars.

* Queen’s Restaurant is a good option, is located on Church Street, where you can taste traditional dishes.

* Legend of Sikandar in Garuda Mall, offers typical food of central and northern India. You can eat for 18 pesos dollars more elaborate dish.

Where to buy?

* The rupee is the currency of India. The equivalence is approximately $ 6 100 rupees.

* For those who love shopping, Bangalore has several malls to visit: Cosmos, Lido, Golapan, Prestige Eva and Sigma. But the most recommended to visit are The Forum, one of the largest, and Garuda Mall.

Garuda Mall, Bangalore por drmarcus.

* To buy clothes, silks, shoes or some traditional handicraft souvenirs, the best option is to take a tuk tuk and get off at Commercial Street, and go on a business side by side to find what you are looking for.

Useful facts:

* The Embassy of India asked all tourists be vaccinated against yellow fever. When you arrive at your destination ask a vaccination certificate, so who travel without vaccination will be quarantined.

* Temperatures are an average of 33 ° C in summer and 14 ° C in winter. It is advisable to wear light clothing and in the case of women is preferable to avoid plunging necklines and short skirts.

* Before taking a tuk tuk or taxi must be clear and firm with destiny. It is very common that the driver where to go and wants to impose an end in the silk business for tourists rather than reach the shopping street.

* In the temples there are men who come to guide the walk. But in a moment of spontaneous guide stroll requested a sum of money (sometimes laughable). If someone at the entrance of a temple is better to ask about how much money is going to ask.

Tuk tuk por Shanghai Daddy.

Good Luck!

Bangalore: Travel Tips – Part I

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