Bangalore, the Garden of India

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Well this time we will move to India, a country of enormous contrasts, poverty and wealth, luxury, a country of enormous spiritual heritage of native legends and interesting. And specifically we are going to visit the city of Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, South India, on the plateau of the lapses. Bangalore has a population of more than 5 million inhabitants and is the third most populous city of India.

The city was founded in the sixteenth century by Kempe Gowda, chief of the Vijayanagar Empire. Two centuries later, Bangalore became an important fortress during the reign of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan. Unfortunately today there is nothing left of those fortifications, only the garden surrounding it. In the late nineteenth Bangalore became a British military base, and was until 1947. Since 1980 is the focus of business in the country. In it are located the most important companies of India.

Bangalore is known as the Garden City because of its many gardens and parks that are located in their streets. Thousands of tourists come to them attracted by its magnificence, its flower color, the luxury of its architectural buildings. Among the wonders of their city visit Vidhan Soudha or the State Secretariat, a building constructed in 1954. It is simply an architectural gem, extremely impressive, especially at night when on Sundays and public holidays so completely illuminated. It is the symbol of the city of Bangalore and post your question. The façade can read the slogan “The Work of God is the work of government”

Facing the Vidhan Soudha appears Cubbon Park, designed by the English Lord Cubbon in 1864. It is one of the many green spaces in the city, a real lung escapes us entirely on the chaotic traffic of Bangalore. Within it there is a small amusement park for children, Bal Bhavan, where, curiously, the adults cannot enter unless accompanied by a minor. We are also within the State Library building. The main museum is the Bangalore Visvesvaraya, one of the oldest museums of India. Dedicated to Sir Visvesvaraya, the architect of India’s most famous is located south of the city in the Kasuturaba Road. Mainly is a scientific and technological museum.

Another prominent place in the city is the gardens Bahg Lal, a true botanical garden in the heart, with the best red roses that can be seen in the world. Particularly recommended when there are flower exhibitions, where everything is an unparalleled explosion of colorful flowers. Contains numerous species of trees of all kinds, tropical plants. It is a spectacle of color and light, which highlights a beautiful flowery clock surrounded by figures of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This garden has been visited by famous personalities, Queen Elizabeth II of England, the poet Tagore and Gandhi. The garden is open from 8 am to 8 pm.

Eighteenth century is our next destination in the visit, the Tipu Palace and Fort City. Tipu Palace The palace is a classic mongolian style, surrounded by walls, minarets, arches and a profusion of paintings that give an enhancement simply spectacular. Since the height of this site, we can Ulsoor Lake, a wonderful place to rest and relax.

In the Bull Temple is another of the symbols of the city: a statue of a bull sitting, 4.5 meters tall and 6 meters long. The construccion of the temple dates back to 1500, although the presence of the bull is there much earlier. A unique phenomenon takes place in the Temple Gangadhareshware dedicated to the God of Fire. 13 and January 14 of each year, at sunset, the rays pass through a window in the sanctuary projecting horns of the goddess Nandi, being a place of pilgrimage for the inhabitants of the city for its connotations religious.

And to alleviate our anxieties tourists in the city, should go to South Parade, traditional place of Bangalore. Is the business center, traditional shops and antique markets on the street, confused with establishments of the major brands. Here we will sit in the Coffee House for a real coffee Indus, very loaded.

Bangalore, the most prosperous city of India, the eternal assembly of wealth and tradition, the spirituality of the floating garden.

How to get there?
We can reach the Bangalore airport, 30 kilometers from the city, from multiple destinations. To Bangalore flights arrive from London, Paris, New York, Frankfurt, with the lines Lufthansa, British Airways, Swiss Air, Air France and KLM. Therefore, it is almost certain that our arrival in Bangalore occur after a stopover in the airports of Paris, London or Frankfurt. With regard to other points in India, flights to major cities across the country are constant, and in that sense we should not have any problem.

If you’re doing a tour of the country, we also get to Bangalore by train, the stations of Bangalore City and Bangalore Cantonment. The latter is the main located in the city center. In India is not as easy as moving train here. I find it difficult to ticket the same day of your trip. If you want to move to Bangalore from anywhere in the India, which is the best buy ticket a few days in advance if possible.

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