Art Museums in Munich

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Munich - Glyptothek por ewan.osullivan.

The city of Munich is bisected by the River Isar and is one of the most important cities of the country. A tour on a cultural tour takes us to museums in Munich, which are a mixture of art, embodied with history and styles of different artists in this journey through this part of the world.

We arrived in the first enclosure, I speak of the Art Gallery of modern art, a space that combines the dawn of modern and contemporary painting, sculpture and graphic world. Call the attention of visitors, the Glyptothek with his sculptures and his collection of ancient artifacts, and the house Lenbachhaus. But this place also has the distinction of hosting more than one site. Here also the Museum of Architecture, with its collection at the service of the traveler and the German Museum (Deutsches Museum), is a museum that has a painting of the castle, where inside you can see more of an old airplane. Here visitors can participate actively, pushing buttons, pushing levers, manipulating switches, etc..

Lenbachhaus por Fake51.

Following the geographical traveled, according to convenience; we face the Munich Museum of Paleontology. Here we know the Bavarian State Collection for Palaeontology and Geology. The site has impressive shows and attraction are certainly samples from the skeletons of dinosaurs and mammals, and exhibits of prehistoric animals that reveal, among other things, the discovery of vertebrate Sandelzhausen tertiary.

On another part of town, we visit the Gallery of the House of Lembach. There, we are invited to enjoy the Gothic art in all its forms, and its multiple processes of evolution. This art is nothing short of style in accordance with bourgeois interests, here you can remember through the school of great artists like: Lembach, Kandinsky, Klee, Macke and Munter.

Bavaria Film City:

Travel Inspiration mixture of enthusiasm and devotion to the artistic, leads at this time, the Bavaria Film City, which one of the largest studios in the country. The biggest attraction is that which informs us that in this place, worked cult directors like A. Hitchcock, B. Wilder, or O. Welles.

These precursor films, left their mark on this place, and also part of the recreated scenes in his movies. Upon arrival, tourists can feel a participant in great works of cinematic art world and learn through guided tours, details of the films that were shot there. Also, for people who like to take a break to the full, you can enjoy a good action movie in the auditorium 4D.

For those not interested in enjoying a walk inside, the Nymphenburg Botanical Garden can be an excellent alternative, as has twenty acres that are home to more than fourteen thousand kinds of plants that are grown there. There is something for all tastes, but also for all climates: humid, tropical, hot deserts and cold regions. It is also permitted access to the greenhouses.

But too much time outdoors, compels us once again to seek refuge inland in the city’s cultural spaces. The tour guide leads us to the Art Room of the Hypo Cultural Foundation, a place that was created in 1983. Here, the source of attraction is assigned by the present vestiges of European art, from the Renaissance to the Romantic. Artists such as Gauguin, Picasso, Miro, Giacometti and Nolde are the main reference of an area of fame, yes it is visits to Munich.

And ending with this virtual tour, attended the beer festival, but take some time to enjoy a good glass of beer at the Brewery Erdinger Weissbräu, (the factory mashed wheat beer with yeast in the world more). Here visitors can see the active process of beer production: from raw material, through the fermentation and maturation, until the finished product. For later taste in a drink served chilled, an exquisite specimen.

Art Museums in Munich

Thus completes the circuit today, all in the mind and soul full of cultural wealth, and, why not also full of good flavors.

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