Angel Falls, Venezuela tourist destination

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Angel Falls

Angel Falls in Venezuela is the tallest waterfall in the world: 979 meters high, with a clear drop of 807 meters. The destination is located in the Canaima National Park in the Gran Sabana region of Bolivar State, Venezuela.

The height of the falls is so great that before reaching the ground water, this is evaporated by the strong winds and becomes fog. The Angel Falls waterfall on the river is fed Kerepes (alternatively known as the Rio Gauya) which flows into the river Churún, Carrao River tributary. In the indigenous language is called Angel Falls Pemón Kerepakupai meru meaning “waterfall of the deepest place”.

Angel Falls History:
According to the story, it is believed that the discoverer Sir Walter Raleigh found the waterfall, but these claims are treated as rumors about the first notes date from 1912 and by the Venezuelan explorer Ernesto Sanchez La Cruz, however, made public his discovery . The jump was made known to the outside world until the American aviator James Crawford Angel Marshall sighted flying overhead in search of new mantles of valuable minerals, which is why the world’s highest waterfall is named.

Today, the Angel Falls is one of the major tourist attractions in Venezuela, but still a trip to the falls is not easy for tourists since the falls are in an isolated jungle region of Venezuela and is required of a flight from Caracas or Ciudad Bolivar to reach Canaima camp, the starting point for river trips to the base of the falls.

How to get to Angel Falls?
There are several ways to visit the Angel Falls, but they all begin in one location: situated in La Laguna Canaima National Park Canaima, park with an area of approximately 30,000 square kilometers.

Laguna de Canaima, Venezuela por David Domínguez.

Getting to Angel Falls is not easy, as there is sufficient tourist infrastructure for tourists who do not want to be in direct contact with nature. In summary, after arriving in Canaima, the tourist has to take a river trip down the river (4 hours up) of road where the trail starts from the Angel, another 60-90 minutes of a walk wet, root, slippery and amid a steep path into the jungle. So who wants to see the Angel Falls has to earn it, experience which in turn provides many opportunities to interact with fellow hikers, as well as indigenous peoples.

Venezuela tourist destination

However, there is always the easy way: tourists can take a plane that can fly over Angel Falls, this sometimes this can be combined with a connecting flight from Ciudad Bolivar or Puerto Ordaz) to or from Canaima.

When visiting the jump and the weather?
The wet season from June to November (although the rain tends to be more frequent from June to September and more intermittently from September to December). Under these conditions, obviously, Angel Falls tends to have the greatest flow. However, this is also the time when the rain and clouds cannot see the waterfall and aircraft over flights were suspended by the poor visibility. At this time the temperatures are warmer and more humid at this time of year. This also means that mosquitoes and stings are more abundant.

The “dry” is usually from January to May. During this time, the rain is less frequent, more visible and more likely to flights. Of course, the river levels are low, however, offset by the visibility that may be of the waterfall.

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  1. James L. Moore Says:

    I have dreamed of traveling to Venezuela and exploring potential rivers for whitewater raft trips. . . forever. I have not heard much about whitewater rafting in that part of South America but, obviously, Venezuela has plenty of moving water.

    Thanks for the outstanding photos of Angel Falls. They have definitely whetted my adventure appetite.

  2. Angel Falls Says:

    It’s more memorable by far is country’s stunning natural beauty beginning with a visit up north to the Gran Sabana, featuring unusual flat top mountains and spectacular Angel Falls.

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