Amsterdam, a city to return

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The city of canals and more freedom from the old continent has a historical center that has remained unchanged since the seventeenth century. It is the main attraction that offers visitors Amsterdam. The water of the canals that cross the entire city reflects the stylized facades of the houses that multiplies the attractiveness of this charming town you can walk well on foot or by bicycle, the most widely used transport.

Amsterdam a city to return

Photography por Peter Shanks

The unique essence of exempting the Amsterdam tourist wonder, on arrival by train from the airport, the Central Station, Dutch Renaissance style with gothic elements. It rests on three artificial islands and 8,600 wooden piles. Dam Square, the heart of the capital, is the starting point of the route. It has a monolith of 22 feet high resembling the fallen of the Second World War.

Opposite the Royal Palace sits majestically, XVII century classical building. Also in the plaza there is the New Church, where official ceremonies are held for weddings and coronations of the members of the Royal Family.

Photography por Peter Shanks

An inescapable visit destination if you choose to Amsterdam for a few days is to their museums. 51, all distributed by the city and 141 art galleries. The Museumboot takes a circular route with stops close to major galleries, such as the Rijksmuseum, which houses the largest collection of art and history of the Netherlands, paintings by Rembrandt and Vermeer.

Perhaps the most popular the Netherlands dedicated to the brilliant painter Van Gogh. It displays over 200 paintings, 500 drawings and 700 letters from him. A fun museum is the Heineken Experience, dedicated to the well-known local brand of beer. Along with other well worthy to behold, as the birthplace of Rembrandt and the Netherlands branch of the Russian Hermitage, the great jewel of the galleries homelands is the Anne Frank House, the residence where the Frank family was housed for two years to escape persecution Nazi Jews during the Second World War.

Behind the house was the fourth of Anne and the place where he wrote his experiences gathered in his famous diary. It is advisable to book your visit in advance because there are long queues.

Nor can we say goodbye to the city of canals without a forced visit to one of his libertines coffee shops, where under dim light can be consumed hashish or marijuana, legalize soft drugs by the Government within such areas. The Red Light District is one of the great attractions of this metropolis.

Also prostitution is allowed. Here, the prostitutes poke their bodies in the large windows with red neon lights as a true claim. They thus form an urban landscape different from the establishment. This is definitely the best way of sightseeing in Amsterdam.

Photography por Peter Shanks

From a lovely hotel overlooking a central channel to the most sophisticated luxury. The offer of accommodation in the capital of the Netherlands is large and for all budgets.

Almost all hotels in Amsterdam have good deals for weekend stay and some to spend only one night. Should plan and book one of the hotels in Amsterdam that can offer more than just a place to stay.

One of the most famous hotels is the American, chosen by many artists to rest. Its dining room, art deco, celebrated their wedding the famous spy Mata Hari. Another establishment of well-deserved reputation is the Hilton, which was the scene in 1969 of the famous protest in bed “bed-in for peace” by John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

The Classic Hotel Rembrandt is another of the establishments that offer an extra attraction for tourists. This building occupies seventeenth century facilities and channels most prestigious in the beautiful city.

Enjoy your trip to Amsterdam!  

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