Amsterdam, a city of 7 districts

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Amsterdam, the capital of Holland, is one of the most popular tourist cities and individuals that exist in Europe. Cosmopolitan, open and has many original things that can attract. Built on a low spot along the Amstel and Ij rivers, its system of levees to prevent flooding during the floods has become famous throughout the world, and it has that character that is so unique. View slanted their homes, with many colors, or the number of channels that the cross is a pleasure for tourists.

Amsterdam can be divided into seven districts or areas.

The main area is the center, from the Central Station to get to the Plaza Damm, where you will find the Royal Palace and Nieuwe Kerk (New Church). This avenue is wide enough bars and restaurants to eat at a good price. From there take the street Kalverstraat, a commercial street with a very special charm, which apart from the traditional stores have the Historical Museum of Amsterdam and the Begijnhof, a lovely neighborhood monastery. Madame Tussaud’s and the Church of St. Nicholas are other views that can be done in this area.

In the west ring, right in the center, turning down the Central Station, is the neighborhood of the Jordaan. I recommend you stroll among the channels and see the many forms and the inclination of many of the houses in that neighborhood. You can cross the bridges that go from the Herengracht and Keizersgracht Printsengracht. In this district the main views are Westerkerk, a church with a very tall tower from which you can get good views of Amsterdam and its canals, and the house of Anne Frank.

Continuing south we come to the ring where the central area of the theater, where the main artery is the Leidseplein. We continue walking and knowing the area between the channels that highlight mainly the Golden Bend.

Further south still have the Museums Quarter. Broad and very green, there is a huge and beautiful park, the Vondelpark. Do not let loose of a time for him, and if you can even rent a bike and ride for him. Lagos, tulips, forests, meadows between trips … and neither can stop visiting the major museums of Amsterdam are here: Rikjsmuseum and Van Gogh. Tenéis near a famous museum of diamonds.

The Ring This is the main center in Rembrandtplein, a square with a lively atmosphere and a bit special. Also in this neighborhood is the most photographed bridge in Amsterdam, Mager Brug. Albert Cuypmarkt is the biggest market of Amsterdam, for lovers of curiosities.

Magere Brug

The area furthest from the center is the Plantage. especially where it is remarkable Artis area, where theaters, and the Zoo, Botanical Gardens, Aquarium and Planetarium.

Finally, the most popular and well known in Amsterdam, the Oude Zijde, famous the world over for its Red Light District. Paseadlo with confidence because you will see amazing things. Not only in the Red Light District, where to find sources erotic, but for the multitude of coffee-shop there are all these streets, and the intense smell of marijuana that there are some streets.

It’s the easiest way to travel around Amsterdam, but particularly, I do prefer walking, because it is not too big and is very manageable and easy to aim. Has 7 lines, but most tourist 5 if we are going to ring the west and south. 16 if we go to museums or neighborhood center. 4 if we want to go to Albert Cuypmarkt and 9 to go to the area and Plantage Red Light District.

Tourist Information
There are tourist offices in many quarters, but they have set the emblem of VVV (Vereniging Voor Vreemdelingenverkeer Association for smuggling aliens) who are officers and best prices.

Very be free in the Netherlands, and coffee-shops are allowed the use of soft drugs. However, do not try to take it out of the country because you can get into a good problem.

Although the day is clear, when you least expect changes and little time in a matter of good rain falls. In summer the weather is pleasant enough, the problem is removed and put into things to relieve the sudden weather changes.

Travel to Amsterdam
Amsterdam airport Schiphol is but the center of the city is very easy. There are buses from the company KLM departing every half hour. The trains are on the shopping mall to the airport and depart every 15 minutes between 6 and 24 h. In 20 minutes you will in the Central Station. Below you can see the prices of flights to Amsterdam.

Aeropuerto de Amsterdam

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