Alausí and the Devil’s Nose in Ecuador

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Alausí is a small town in the upper rail of the famous Nariz del Diablo (Devil’s Nose ). The city is guarded by an enormous statue of San Pedro. Here you can see attractive old houses; some still are the original buildings of adobe, on a line of steep streets. The best months to visit Alausí son from June to December, as the rainy season covers the black clouds, and the views are declining.

Climbing the steep hill on which stands Alausí is the statue of San Pedro. From there you will have the opportunity to admire beautiful views of the valley. As you climb the steep streets really beautiful local craft shops, such as the famous hats, or memories of the railroad, finger puppets, knitted, and the delicious ice cream flavor taxo.

But it brings warm clothes for the trip by train to Alausí, because the city is over 2340 meters of altitude. The enormous rock wall which descends from Alausí, known as the Nariz del Diablo, which gave name to the best-known rail line in Ecuador. Building started in 1899 in coastal Guayaquil, and the train arrived in Alausí 1902. The railway line continued through Riobamba and arrived at Quito in 1908.

Equateur (Ecuador) Alausi por mitou36.

The train trip through the Devil’s Nose. With the destination country, at affordable prices, but not for the Ecuadorians, the truth. The section of the railway offers spectacular views and is a very popular trip for tourists. Do not panic if you see travelers uploaded on the roof of the train, it’s something natural.

The Devil’s Nose Alausí part of every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 11.00 hours, returning to the city two hours later. The schedule may change, especially on holidays. From Quito you can book a trip through any travel agent, buying tickets in advance, since it is usually sold quite. The price is $ 7 with 80 for the trip by the Devil’s Nose. If you want to continue to Riobamba, must pay $ 3 more with 40.

Train Riobamba hand around 0700 hours on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, at a price of $ 11 a trip to Alausí. Since Alausí you can take a bus back, or pay a surcharge of $ 3 with 40 to return to Riobamba in the same train. The ticket office is open from Riobamba 06.00 hours, mainly on days when the train is running.

The bus from Quito Alausí takes about a 5 and a half hours. You may need to change their car in Riobamba, where there is a journey of 2 hours until Alausí. If traveling from Quito, spend by the city of Salcedo, between Ambato and Latacunga. I say this because some are prepared in Salcedo famous ice cream, especially the Line, with different flavors. Sometimes sellers climb the bus, or offered through the windows at the crossroads of some.

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