Akumal, an aquatic paradise of the Mexican Caribbean

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Akumal is a quiet destination, ideal paradise for those who practice water sports. It is a beautiful bay that is located only 37 kilometers from Playa del Carmen in the Mexican Caribbean.

Its name means, in Maya land or place of turtles. And this is not a name chosen at random but that is because this is the place chosen by these animals to spawn every year. Thus, the chance to see adult species, swim with them and appreciate the birth of their children, is a show suitable for those coming to enjoy these beautiful beaches.

But of course, beyond that, its white sand beaches, clear, calm waters and coral, Akumal offers a number of attractions for all tastes. Thus, you can visit the museum created by the CEA (Centro Ecologic Akumal) whose purpose is to educate, inform and, above all, create environmental awareness in all who visit.

Meanwhile, amid so many natural wonders, a little history is present. This is so because these havens were populated by the Maya and, there stands a temple on an island of rock in the creek Xaac.

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Meanwhile, for families to enjoy, if traveling with children, a good option is to visit Aktun Chen Natural Park which means “cave with cenote inside”. Well, this will require travel 4 kilometers south of town and so enjoy this site of 400 hectares that offers visitors variety of attractions in the midst of nature, without destroying the balance. These, then, is a snake and the ability to see in the wild spider monkeys but, undoubtedly, the protagonist is the cenote park that is located in one of three galleries of the cave that is located there . An underground river of fresh water that hides secrets and mysteries.

But of course this is not the only one cenote in the area and who wish to venture into that kind of natural wonder, can do so over a complex of caves that extend west of Highway 307 (linking this population with Cancun). And there, tourists can do all sorts of activities like swimming, snorkeling and diving with the ingredient to do in these amazing formations.

But if the same claims to practice “open”, Akumal offers quiet spots along the coastline. It is quiet coves that provide the best conditions for swimming and share with the natural species of the place to see colorful fish in their natural habitat and enjoy the tranquility and peace that prevails in those places.

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A true paradise for lovers of the sea, marine life and water sports. Near Cancun, the touristic center of the Mexican Caribbean and the comfort that only Akumal can provide.

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