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city hall Madrid

Photography by orocain

Do you know Madrid? And if you know it, you probably want to revisit. Some think that the capital is an expensive city and where the hotels also are expensive, this is not always the case. Madrid offers a range found in many hotels, and many all-inclusive, whose purpose is to get rid of everything.

In Madrid you can find all-inclusive hotels, designed to go with family, with discounts for children also can enjoy various entertainment programs for children and adults as well as sports, hiking and horseback riding.

Like all capital consists of hotels in all areas, if you are tired of noise and find a calm place good advice is to stay in the neighborhood of retirement, or want to explore the Spanish capital and visit the beautiful museums, the Reina Sofia, Prado and Thyssen. But all is not Madrid museums, if you decide to go to the Prado, is located opposite the botanical garden whose entrance is free and you will know all the plant species that exist in Spain and elsewhere. This garden is created by Fernando VI in 1755, although it must be said that in principle the King Fernando VI belonging to the dynasty of Austria, was Carlos III who moved to the place where we know it today.

Our hotel in Madrid

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The Puerta del Sol, Puerta de Alcalá, Plaza de Oriente where there is the Palacio Real, Madrid is definitely a city full of history and beauty.

Puerta de Alcala

Photography by orocain

But to see Madrid effectively not worth to go a single day, it is advisable to book hotels that offer all-inclusive service from breakfast through dinner. They come in all price ranges and average around 100 €, although there are cheaper and more expensive, it depends on the services offered. A hotel in Madrid with a price of 84 euros per night per person offers us next:

• Fitness, open all day (24 hours)
• The buffet breakfast is
• Parking
• Internet access via Wi-Fi
• Pool
• Audio-visual material, such as portable music players.

No need to spend much money to stay comfortably in the capital of Spain, with not much money one can buy a souvenir for a lifetime.

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