A tour of the Costa del Sol

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The Costa del Sol is an internationally recognized tourist destination. Vacation destination of many tourists both domestic and from abroad. Retreat of German and English, mostly. And is that the Costa del Sol offers as we need and ask: leisure, quality of life, good beaches, happiness, good prices and a map of towns worth visiting.  Malaga, its capital, is an open, always ready to welcome you with smile making whoever visit and enjoy their streets and beaches. In it, the tourist museums, shows, music, and a monumental importance. And above all, a typical Mediterranean cuisine. From here, from Malaga, we begin a journey that will take us along the Costa del Sol, whose first stop we will be in Torremolinos, one of the famous places to take accommodation in the Costa del Sol.

Torremolinos, we associate mainly with the 70, with the boom of the opening to the outside, with the massive influx of Swedish tourism and, unfortunately, with many films of poor quality and bad taste that still remember with characters such as Esteso Martínez Soria or birds. Torremolinos is very commercial city in which we recommend, above all, a walk through its main street, Calle San Miguel. Do it calmly, patiently, enjoying the shop windows and of course, a good beer at any of the many terraces that you find. This road will take you from the main road through the village to the foot of beach. But wait, because the best beaches are still higher up.

Torremolinos Beach  por raysalaff103.

Benalmadena Costa, is the next town. No longer is an arm of Torremolinos yet, as an attachment, and the atmosphere very similar. Many shops, many hotels and lots of entertainment day and night. If you want nightlife between the two populations you have the best area of Málaga: Puerto Marina. A succession of bars, restaurants and clubs are located in an upmarket area near the port. Benalmadena is split into two, with Benalmadena Pueblo, inside, a beautiful and flirtatious typical Andalusian style village with whitewashed houses and cobblestone streets, and in its top, with a lovely central square where the dominant figure of his church principal, at whose feet lies the viewpoint from which we can admire the entire coastline. Among the major monuments in Benalmadena Castilllo Colomares highlights.

Fuengirola, is this important population, which highlights its promenade, very acclimated. Taking a “pescaítos”, so typically in Malaga, in any of the many bars or restaurants that Perlan the ride is one of the pleasures of the Costa del Sol not to be missed.

Rooftops At Mijas por Glenbourne At Home.

The best beaches in Malaga, for this portion of the costs they are from here. From Calahonda, a very quiet residential estates, to Marbella, we can find secluded coves, areas of soft sand beaches and nooks paragraphs. Perhaps it is thanks to people here there is no really great, but it is, as I said before, that we will find estates dotting the hillsides of Mijas.

Marbella, is becoming over the years, one of the most luxurious areas of the province of Malaga. Places like Puerto Banus or Aloha, now stand by the amount of famous people congregate, for its crazy parties, for its bars and restaurants of high standing, for the luxury estates, and especially by the many golf courses are opening or already open. Precisely, this is making the Costa del Sol is also a preferred destination for golf tourism.

Postcard From Marbella por Glenbourne At Home.

We could speak of many other towns in the interior with much more charm, artistic and monumental than the coast, such as Mijas and Ronda (for my taste the most beautiful town of Malaga), but if we talk about the Costa del Sol everyone’s mind will go some essential ideas: sun, beaches, food and golf. That is the Costa del Sol Fun in its purest form. 

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