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Puerto y Campa de Torres.Gijón por nuska2008.

Spain has much to offer in terms of tourism that is not even a secret, what if the type of tourism in Spain is very broad and I speak from every corner of the Spanish towns, natural parks, beaches, gastronomic routes, wine routes … every time there is really time to know him better, today I present a feature of every piece of Spain, to know her better.

Gijón, Asturias:
But this time, this plan will change absolutely to do honor to nomadic traveler, the one who likes to travel and go. Taking time at each place to settle unfinished anywhere. Today, the obnoxious tourist routines, have a chance to marinate a tour that rather then be put into practice.

The planisphere we found in Spain, intending to go inland destinations in the country. A rather heterogeneous Trail where we will stop in Asturias, Galicia, Castilla y Leon, Andalusia and Canary Islands. In each place I stay with a detail that will offer as advice inescapable. Since that time there will be fleeting, and we will not have too many hours walking, privileges, each scale, a reason to rejoice.

Fasten seat belts because we have reached Spain, and our first geographical point awaits our arrival.

Rio Tormes, Castilla y Leon:
Here we are in Asturias, located in the northern Spanish coast. In the limit, to the west, with Lugo, the east by Cantabria, on the south by Castile and Leon, and north by the Cantabrian Sea.

Here we will stop in two links: the nature and astronomical offer. The first thing that underlies its great natural surroundings are beautiful cliffs. There you can enjoy a beautiful afternoon, ostensibly made at any time of year. Its warm climate and the smell of vegetation guarantee us a dream evening.

El Tormes y Salamanca por José Mtg.

The beach will have their physical encounter with the sea on beaches as “Portia” (Franco), “Barayo (Navia), and” Gulpiyuri “and” Guadamía “in Llanes.

For those wishing to absorb the cultural heritage of the place, the appointment is in Oviedo, and the Trail of the old town. And going to the simplest, the visit to the village of Carmarmeña in Cabrales, can offer a good deal of austerity and fortune.

As not promise unfulfilled, is the turn to taste the distance the dawn of its cuisine. Similar to the Galician cookery, Normandy and Brittany, the Asturian gastronomy cuisine has a star: the beans, a potent stew made with broad beans, chorizo, blood sausage, ham and bacon. But those wishing to eat a lighter meal, have the opportunity to enjoy the variety of fresh fish from the Cantabrian Sea.

That’s it: we have come, and we ate and go looking for other experiences. Just around the corner (tell me a feeling traveler) Galicia awaits us, another autonomous region northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. Among his most popular provinces stand A. Coruña, Lugo and Pontevedra. Bordered by the newly accessed Asturias and Castilla y Leon.

We will primarily visit A. Coruña. Here we can walk from Pontevedra Square to the sea. Walking to the sound of the waves and visit the aquarium. And for those tired of both ground or sea is the Plaza de Azcarraga awaiting our tread.

Later, like strawberry dessert this visit, I suggest metamorphosed with the local culture and attend their festivals more typical. Among them: the feast of St. James the Apostle, whose law is the religious motive and the corollary, the burning of an imitation of the cathedral. Also open the fair to be held in Pontevedra, or Rapa Best of Sabucedo, and why not Ortigueira festival.

But we stopped quite here and the restless traveler tries to change course. And it succeeds.

Port A. Coruña:
We are coming to Castile and Leon. In the main entrance a review follows: The Autonomous Community of Castilla y Leon emerges from the modern union of the provinces that made up and named the old crowns of Leon and Castile. That is to say that this place is reported as such, after two homonymous province to abandon that status and become one. Then double in this province name continues our itinerary.

Here I invite you to enjoy the River Douro, and more specifically of the Tormes River, which flows there. As a large pot of water, the great river is home to all others who choose this point to make your mouth. Have a good time watching this great maritime nest can be a rich experience. And sooner but surely we come to know the land of Andalusia. Andalusia is the most populated autonomous community of Spain. Moreover, its historical / cultural symbolism gives it great in the great national heritage. To the west the Republic of Portugal, the south by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

La Coruña - La Marina por e-costa.

Recommend this place to know the essence of their native flora. It is part of the Boreal Kingdom and contains, in turn, five phytogeographic sectors: Mariano Monchiquense sector, sector-Aljibe Gaditano and Huelva, Béticos sectors, industry and sector Almeriense Manchego.

Finally, we have a visit to the Canaries, a site with a subtropical climate, volcanic, part of the region’s scenery. From here I wish to highlight the beauty of their islands and their “lost coves.” Virgin sand, sea, mirror, a breeze that caresses the body and its shores to enjoy. The most coveted is Fuerteventura, in accordance with its dunes, its parks and its flora and fauna.

Good travel in Spain!

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