10 places to swim slowly off the coast of La Vila Joiosa

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The 15 miles of coast from La Vila Joiosa go far. One-fifth of its length consists of a succession of mixed sand beaches suitable for bathing. This town is just ten kilometers from Benidorm and is the administrative capital of the Marina Baixa region of Alicante. His collection of small coves and sandy beaches make it the antidote to the massive assistance from the beaches of Benidorm.

10 places to swim slowly off the coast of La Vila Joiosa

Photography by po.psi.que

Worth discovering the back of Benidorm beach en route, but another of the recommended leading to own La Vila Joiosa to witness, in the afternoon, arrival at the dock more than 30 trawlers of local fishermen. You can attend the auction of fish after the download, especially if people can not buy.

Most of the 13 bays of La Vila Joiosa are located between the cliffs and not feel overwhelmed or transmitted in August. Not so the Beach, the largest and closest to town.

Vila Joiosa

Photography by po.psi.que

1. Raco del Conill

It is the most northern coast of Villajoyosa and also the quietest. It is located three kilometers from the town, has a difficult access along a narrow asphalt road that starts near the Casino of the Mediterranean. The boulders and cliffs make these two small coves destination for many divers and nudists. It is desirable to leave the car up the cliff and walk down the steps to access. It is not difficult to see a rabbit. In the surrounding area is La Torre del Aguila, another sixteenth-century defensive structure.

2. La Caleta

A dreamy cove at the foot of Montiboli hotel, three miles south of town, is the height of the coves of Menorca. It has all the amenities, including beds and surveillance. Ends in a forest of palm trees. It also has the best sunsets in the region.

3. The Carritx

Represents the coastal boundary of La Vila Joiosa and its border with El Campillo, now want to build another marina next door. It is a secluded beach stones with low occupancy levels in summer. Must be accessible by foot. Although exposed to the wind, allowing the ships anchoring.

4. Cala Mallaeta

It is low level of employment and is one of the coves that swimmers consider the most distinguished in the area, collected between spectacular cliffs. We recommend traveling on foot to reach the coast from the area known as Punta del Moro. You have no type of service. It is located near Cala Fonda.

5. Playa del Torres (Beach)

It is a semi-urban beach gravel found near urban areas. It is easily accessible and has all services. It has the added attraction of being able to visit the Tower of Hercules Roman funeral, this was built in the second century. It is a well preserved monument.

The coast from La Vila Joiosa

Photography by po.psi.que

6. Bol Nou

Located two kilometers from the town in the direction of Alicante, the beach is coarse sand, is located on a cliff next to luxury villas. Since last May, a snack bar run by Argentine offers excellent roast meats in the style of that country.

7. Paradis Beach

Also out of the city to Alicante is situated the best beach in La Vila Joiosa. Is covered by a garden area of the former employees of BBVA residence, situated on a plot of over 50,000 meters. Although this beach is sandy and pebble (rounded mass of rock or stone), it is not advisable to go with children as five meters into the water, the depth exceeds two meters. There are two bars separated by only 300 meters in the area where they attend until two in the morning.

8. Cala Esparrelló

It is a pebble beach and sand, designated as naturist. It retains all the charm of the coves. Difficult access, you must enter Montiboli urbanization and leave the car outside the hotel Eurotennis.

9. Playa del Charco

It is a beach of rocks and gravel, is the lowest occupancy by its distance to town. She is accompanied by a circular tower built in the sixteenth century. From there each year is tracking bird migration by a group of ecologists (Xoriguer). It is currently threatened by a development plan which includes the construction of a small marina.

10. Beach Students

Estudiantes La Playa is located next to Uncle Roig Creek, the northern coast VILERA. Named after an ancient tradition, which marked this place as a summer destination for city students. They are surrounded by buildings and open geography makes it one of the wave-exposed beaches. The three inlets communicate with a small promenade. They have an excellent nightlife in the bar.

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