10 beaches to visit Asia

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Phuket, Phi Phi, Kuta, Bunaken …They are the names of some of the most famous beaches in Asia. For its beauty, for their services, because there are some famous film made for whatever reason but their names sound and we are on the menu for travelers seeking the “secret beach”.
There are other names, less known but equally enticing, offering us paradise beaches and a corner away from it all: The top 10 Asian beaches to visit that will not be new for everyone, but it’s worth integrating the list of destinations that we want to give away (someday).


1) Saudi Beach, Philippines

Located on the northwest coast of Luzon Island, this small beach is 2 kilometers long near Pagudpud: a strip of pure sand on the South China Sea. Secret is the new version of the now famous White Beach of Boracay Island. To know before it is vox populi.

2) Ko Adang, Thailand

The massive tourist hordes seem to have yet discovered the southernmost coast of Thailand on the Andaman Sea. There are visitors, yes, but there are few. Here is the National Marine Park Ko Turatao with towers that emerge from the sea and its crystalline waters. The park comprises a group of 51 islands about 30 kilometers from the mainland. Here lies Ko Adang, a jungle island to enjoy the unspoiled coastline natural (no services, no bars, no tourists, with the red skins of sun and alcohol).

3) Bentota, Sri Lanka

Located some 60 kilometers south of Colombo, Bentota is opened in an arc from a mound of stone. The waters of the Indian Ocean coast reached its beaches which are well known by surfers worldwide. However, there are beaches and despite the massive hotels that are here are all 4 and 5 stars, there is good accommodation options and discrete services. If you are lucky enough to come by, you will live the most intense sunsets over the sea.

Bentota beach por benlacaille.

4) Yalong, China
The area of Hainan in China is more like his “Hawaii” also located at the same latitude as the American archipelago. Yalong Bay is one that is located on the south end, near Sanya and has nothing to envy to the most known as Polynesia. The resorts have occupied the space of the old rice plantations along the 7 miles of white sand beach and adapt to new Chinese wealthy classes, but is a relatively unknown destination for tourists from around the world.

5) China Beach, Vietnam

A paradise 30 miles long, China Beach in Vietnam’s central coast near Da Nang and not disappoint anyone. Beaches excellent film and providing services such as hotels, restaurantes and resorts, especially in the area of Bai Non Nuoc. Is known locally as Bai Tam My Khe.

6) Calangute, India

This beach was the hippie mecca of the 70s and some of them (with less hair and more experience) return every year to revive that atmosphere. Despite the burgeoning trend around, Calangute enjoy the benefits of the Sea and outstanding Arago starry nights.

7) Dungun, Malaysia

The east coast of Malaysia is a well kept secret. A coast overlooking the Sea of China inhabited a humid forest through the trees, one of the purest beaches left: Dungun Sea Inside is Tengool Island, part of Terengganu Marine Park, where scuba divers at all options will be in paradise.

8). Occheuteal, Cambodia

About Sihanoukville (aka Kompong Som) on Cambodia’s southern coast, which found five most beautiful beaches. Sokha (the prettiest) is a beach reserved for customers of a luxury resort, but Occheuteal (his sister) is available to ordinary mortals (ie us). A long stretch of white sand lined with pine trees and a lot of local life. If you walk north from the beach, you will find a great atmosphere made by travelers from around the world that have adopted it as their own. 

Occheuteal Beach, Sihanoukville por albertaclipper.

9) Mae Nam, Thailand

If you want to get out of things Thai popular (as Ko Samui), go north on the way to Mae Nam The beaches are narrower, but you’ll find yourself trapped in a crowd of Indians. Beaches shaded by palm trees, calm waters and clear. On the horizon you see the figures of the islands of Ko Phangan and Ang Thong Marine Park where you’re crossing must be truly isolated from the world.

10) Kenting, Taiwan

Yes, Taiwan. A destination that can not think like the beach, but if we remember a little, we know that the Portuguese called this semi-tropical island “Formosa for their beauty. Here, the beach in Kenting on the southern tip of the island offers good beaches for water sports, including surfing and a natural park of 18,000 hectares. There are full service hotels, hostels and all kinds cheaper food, though the specialty are the seafood.


What is your favorite?

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