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Hotel or Hostel? – Accommodation for all travelers

sábado, enero 22nd, 2011

Hotel or Hostel? – Accommodation for all travelers

Hotels and hostels are some of the most common types of accommodation when planning a trip. Both share similarities but mostly important differences. In this article we will see some of the most remarkable characteristics that define them, and what kinds of traveler are often targeted.

Accommodation for all travelers

Photography by Jim Linwood

Main features of a shelter:

Hostels vary incredibly in appearance, quality, location, clientele and amenities. Most rooms have often shared with other clients, and private rooms for groups. It is also common to have kitchen (fully functional, kitchen utensils and food) to share among the guests of the hostel. (más…)

Hotels in Austria

jueves, julio 22nd, 2010

Austria is visited annually by hundreds of tourists who come in search of its varied attractions. Visit Vienna, La Casa de la Musica and hear classical pieces from the Vienna Mozart Orchestra, may be part of a special tour. Go to the Belvedere Gallery to see the paintings of Gustav Klimt, visit Linz, cultural capital, enjoy spring in Salzburg, called the North Rome, stroll through its streets, its florid parks by bicycle, or go to the holiday village Innsbruck. Visit the city of Graz, named World Heritage Site by UNESCO or the Palace of Schonbrunn.

Hotels in Austria

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If the traveler decides to go to all these destinations, it is necessary to take into account the place where you stay. For Austria it also includes several offers. We leave here some of which could serve. (más…)

The most classic hotels in Milan

martes, junio 8th, 2010

One of Milan’s main attractions is its history, buildings and monuments such as the Duomo, Milan’s main cathedral and one of the largest worldwide, the Sforzesco Castle, a castle dating from the fourteenth century and is now an art museum, the Santa Maria delle Grazie Church, declared a World Heritage Site in 1980, the Royal Palace, an exhibition center where previously worked for the city government, and the Monumental Cemetery, the site of graves of Italian bourgeois contains beautiful stone sculptures.

Duomo, Milano por anglogean.

Photography by anglogean

The city of Milan is also visited by keeping their land in footsteps of great artists and intellectuals such as: Leonardo Da Vinci, the writer Carlo Emilio Gadda, composer Giuseppe Verdi and the poet Carlo Porta, among others. (más…)

The Jules Undersea Lodge and other hotels ends

lunes, junio 7th, 2010

The Jules Undersea Lodge and other hotels ends

Tourism worldwide is growing steadily, so that today is increasingly looking for hotel owners to innovate in every way imaginable so you can stay competitive in a market as aggressive as it is today. One of the possibilities that have begun to proliferate, are the development of hotel development ends, such as those discussed below: (más…)

Hotels with golf

domingo, junio 6th, 2010

Hoteles con campos de golf

The long golf has become a popular sport because of its great exponents, the spread of their camps in the cities, leaving aside the fascinating and entertaining that can be play, that’s why many great hotels of the world are concerned to include in their complexes and tennis courts or swimming pools are not enough for the discerning guest looking for something different.

Some luxury hotels in major cities around the world which have golf course are: (más…)

Luxury hotels in Spain

viernes, junio 4th, 2010

Suitable only for wealthy pockets, especially now in full swing worldwide economic recession, the highest luxury and comfort in Spain have a good listing of hotels of five and four star hotel offering its guests all the comforts and a wide range of activities.

Hotel Villa Magna Madrid

Most, like the Ritz, the Palace or Villa Magna, are concentrated in the capital, Madrid, but others like the W Hotel in Barcelona, or Alfonso XII, in Seville, are spread over the rest of the Spanish geography. Although the more luxurious hotel is located in Port de Soller (Mallorca). This is the Jumeirah which completed construction last year, has 120 luxury suites overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, pool, spa and two restaurants, among other services. Five stars at your door plus support its category for the best hotels in Spain. (más…)

The oldest hotels in the most visited places

domingo, mayo 23rd, 2010

In Madrid, Spain, remarkable for its history the Westin Palace. Built in 1912, is located in the heart of the city, at the renowned Art Triangle formed by the Prado, Thyssen-Bornemisza and Reina Sofia. Possessing an impressive architecture includes an exclusive restaurant in a stunning glass dome, is considered the most luxurious of Madrid.

The oldest hotels in the most visited places

Fotografía por laura padgett

Also in Spain, but now in the city of Seville, among the most requested accommodation, is the traditional Hotel Alfonso XIII. Within walking distance of downtown, this hotel provides an atmosphere of sumptuous elegance, where every corner breathes the history of Andalusia. (más…)

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