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Hotels in Vietnam

lunes, julio 19th, 2010

At this time we will see some of the best hotels in Vietnam. We begin our tour in the city of Ho Chi Minh, also known as Saigon.

If you get a quality hotel prices is folly, then nothing better to opt for the Huong Sen Hotel, a housing and can spend the night from $ 60. In the same city can find cheaper options as the Riverside Hotel, which offers accommodation from $ 55 per night. You’re still the cheapest prices, then you need to know that by $ 45 dollars you can find accommodation in hotels like the Empress and the Bong Sen Annex.

Hotels in Vietnam

Photography by divemasterking2000

If you are a traveler who does not take into account the price, but luxury, then you’ll love staying in one of most luxurious hotels in the city. (más…)

Where to stay in Manila?

miércoles, julio 14th, 2010

Are you going to travel to Manila? Have you booked your hotel? If you have not already done so do not worry, here we present some of the leading hotels in the capital of the Philippines.

If you’re an ideal hotel for business travelers, then you can opt for the Traders Hotel, which offers rooms from $ 107 U.S. dollars per night.


Photography by zt_kw

To enjoy some of the most remarkable hotels. We begin our tour hotel in the capital city of Manila. If price is cheap, then we can choose the Century Citadel Inn Hotel, comfortable accommodation that gives us the possibility of staying for just $ 43 per night. (más…)

A Westerner in the East

martes, mayo 11th, 2010

Prepare to undertake a voyage to some Eastern country requires, among other things, have an attitude and a particular mindset as it tries to know a culture quite different from the West, particularly marked by the Islamic religion. The tourist should be aware that should be flexible and to enhance confidence in itself to meet new areas of a safe and responsible manner, without being defenseless against social attitudes, cultural or religious beliefs that may be discriminatory.

A Westerner in the East

Photography by Peter Shanks

The premise holds that the probability of success of any trip depends on the information collected and the preparation of all its stages is completely accurate. (más…)

Staying in Japan

martes, octubre 20th, 2009

Capsule Hotel por Avi_Abrams.

In Japan, there are lodging options for all tastes and pockets and, as usual, we must differentiate between the Japanese style accommodation and western style.

Despite a European is that much more comfortable staying in a hotel Westernized personally recommends, if only for one night, try the particularities of the ryokan, which are traditional Japanese hotels.

A ryokan is basically like a small hotel or pension, and are of different kinds, although they have a division as clear as the stars of our hotels, so usually we have to guide us for the price. (más…)

My first post

sábado, abril 12th, 2008

The Rural Lodging Villa of Ayora is a house that gathers all the conditions and comforts of the best rural lodging. It is located in the population’s center, in one of the streets with more charm of Ayora (the street Empedrá), next to the historical helmet and with access to all the services, green areas and trade. Ayora is at the same time a rustic and classic town, simple and elegant.

When you see our Rural Hotel you will see the quality that we put at its disposal.  We have single and double rooms all with bathrooms.  Heating and air conditioning in all rooms.  Within our Hotel we also have apartments for rental, these are idea for families or more than two persons. These apartments are fully equipted with everything necessary for your stay.  We aim to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.  If your looking for a relaxing and unforgetable holiday you should be looking to stay with us.


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