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It may be true island described in Robert Louis Stevenson ‘Treasure Island’, but the traveler will not be in Pago Pago with disturbing stories of pirates and sailors around the search for a precious treasure, but with the peace of a landscape full of mountains, the breeze and the wind hits the sail, and rowed to the palm side of banana blossoms.

According to native tradition, the islands Samoa were the first home of the Polynesian race, and from here its Polynesian settlers populated islands of the Pacific. Pago Pago, the islands are a small group of surrounding islands: the islands Tutuila, the Manua Group islands and Aunuu, Rose and Swans. Among them are some privately purchased by the big American tycoons.

Samoa entire Eastern territory constituted as a unit of United States, is composed of a group of seven islands located south of the Pacific Ocean. Its total area is 200 square kilometers and has a population of around 46,773 inhabitants. These islands, like Pago Pago, are coral atolls, with volcanic mountains.

Pago Pago, on Tutuila, is the seat of territorial government and has one of the best ports in the South Pacific. The inhabitants of Pago Pago, a total of 3519 people and agriculture, along with tuna fishing and tourism are its activities. The main crops of Pago Pago are the tree of bread and yams, taro, coconut, banana, orange, pineapple and papaya. Were the first Europeans to curtail the island and Polynesians and Samoans who had to endure to win his blindness. The first European to visit the islands was the Dutch navigator Jacob Roggeveen in 1722. In 1768, Louis-Antoine, comte de Bougainville and French explorer, named the group of islands with the names of the sailors.

During the nineteenth century, Germany, United Kingdom and United States established commercial bases on the islands. Later became the American siege of the fragile aspect of these islands to bear, when in 1878, the United States annexed Pago Pago as a naval station for use in supply of coal. With the advent of the modern era and the twentieth century, the Pago Pago were also witnesses of history with their own eyes.

Apollo 13, carrying veteran Lovell, Fred W. Haise and John L. Swigert was very close to the disaster. The aircraft suffered a malfunction in one of its oxygen tanks. They had to cancel the landing and using the emergency system was obtained to bring them back to earth, landing south of Pago Pago.

Natural beauty
Samoa, an area in which they are inserted all the islands surrounding Pago Pago, is an ideal place for reflection, rest and cultivation of the mind. Its incomparable natural beauty, its green landscape and obscured by the lava from volcanoes, and the bottom of the sea crystal purring in the ear of the visitor of these islands are a paradise of tranquility. In recent years have become one of the most coveted tourist destinations, not in vain, many American magnates who buy an entire island for them.

But not only people with large amounts of money to escape the city. On the island of Upolu is a luxurious hotel called Coconut, opened by a pair of American lawyers who decided to leave behind the stress of Los Angeles and traveling the world looking for paradise.

This marriage, Rose, found his Eden in particular Samoa. But long before one of the most prominent writers of contemporary literature lived, died and was buried in this place, because I wanted a quiet place for their eternal rest. His museum is located on the island of Upolu, in Vailima Vailima. In farm, meaning five rivers, there is no grass out of place. To go to the white wooden mansion where Stevenson lived with his family and where the heads of state of Samoa until 1989, was walking through a meadow bright. A wide porch overlooking the garden and from the long wooden balcony overlooking the forest and Mount Vaea.

Then, after barefoot visitor slips or, perhaps, by the impeccable fleet teak to the room with a fireplace, which as a good Scot, he installed himself Stevenson. The upper floor is located the office of the writer, with a small and elegant mahogany table and a white lacquered shelves containing some original library. Among them there are a great leather edition of ‘Don Quixote of La Mancha’ or a book about Columbus.

In this beautiful big house Stevenson died at the age of 44, who learned to cherish the charm and essence of Eastern Samoa.

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