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Coffee, a reason to travel to Colombia

miércoles, diciembre 14th, 2011

Many foreigners who have visited Colombia, the association with coffee, thanks to advocacy work in the world for many decades has made Juan Valdez and his mule Conchita Colombian creativity has soared to present the world’s coffee different ways and cause a whole culture and a way to publicize Colombia.

The Colombian coffee

Photography by CIAT International Center for Tropical Agriculture

Coffee farms of the Coffee:

So the grain-producing farms in the Coffee, a region comprising the departments of Quindio, Caldas and Risaralda, with its traditional architecture, currently serving and hosting environment for visitors to learn all about the work agricultural and grain processing. (más…)

Bruges the most tourist cities

domingo, diciembre 5th, 2010

Bruges is one of the most tourist cities of Belgium and with good reason. While walking through Bruges one could move to the Middle Ages without much difficulty, if not for groups of visitors that pass back and forth in nationalities, colors and languages.

Walking Bruges

Photography by mararie

Bruges is a small town. We can reached by road, train or bus. Is very close to the North Sea, so it’s interesting approach to coastal communities and discovers the Belgian seaside resorts, such as totally opposed to the mass of cement buildings and the Mediterranean. The climate is perhaps one of the main causes of the Belgian coast has been preserved with some criterion, leaving rows and rows of dunes are constantly moving in front of the beach and more distant low buildings (except in a few urban core ), just three floors the highest, and most one-storey houses. (más…)

Valle de los Yungas in Bolivia Nature

jueves, junio 24th, 2010

Take the pleasure of entering the wonders of nature, is better than artificial creations. Today we invite you to the fascinating Valley of the Yungas in South America, a stretch of five miles we found in the Republic of Bolivia where we enjoy a semi tropical climate, with good vegetation, canyons, rivers and waterfalls.

Corner of death on the Yungas Road

Photography by jimmyharris

Its soils range between 1,500 and 2,500 meters above sea level. The favorable season to visit is from December to February. Their lands have sown coffee, sugar cane, citrus, mango and coca. (más…)

Rio de Janeiro paradise

sábado, junio 19th, 2010

Imagine your body is an experience defined only by the senses, the skin is the extent necessary and sufficient to live everything. To enjoy it absolutely everything. Imagine that the time stops, the picture loses bruno silence and expands in a heavenly nirvana, the power of the sea that breaks the monotonous sound of the wind, now exchanged for a moist and delicate breeze caresses its dew luscious skin of a beautiful woman, a beautiful brown coals burned by the body consisting of orange.

Rio de Janeiro

Photography by Juliana Coutinho

Imagine the heat is complemented by the fresh and the delight of a drink, which interprets the sand skin and immersed in the dream as he rightly read music. Imagine opening your eyes and see Rio de Janeiro paradise. (más…)

The neighborhood of Buenos Aires

jueves, mayo 6th, 2010

If anything characterizes the city of Buenos Aires, its neighborhoods, its native characters, music and culture, is nostalgia. A Buenos Aires neighborhood that has inspired not only nostalgia, but valuable experiences and stories, is La Boca, the site where the Spanish conquistador Pedro de Mendoza, in 1536, he founded the first Buenos Aires. A fact that unwittingly became the Boca, quintessential neighborhood memories.

Panoramica Buenos Aires

Photography by Diego_3336

His formal geographical location is defined by the following streets: Avenida Patricios Regiment, Avenida Martín García, Avenida Paseo Colón, Avenida Brasil and Costanera Sur.

Formerly called La Boca del Riachuelo, the area remained empty for several years until he was gathering in the surrounding European immigrants who worked on ships, in salting meat or tanning hides. (más…)

Caracas: Experience the best of the city in three days

miércoles, mayo 5th, 2010

Discover the city that spawned the liberator of Venezuela can not escape the charm of the seasoned traveler. If you have little time to plan a trip is as complete as possible and set objectives to visit: Monuments, buildings, museums or green areas of interest. With wit and readiness, success is guaranteed Caracas boasts of its heritage, while the stay is only just three days.

Catedral to Caracas

Photography by valenruizl

Located in a cool valley at the foot of the Avila, a mountain 2,600 meters high, is right from the epicenter where the tourist to begin their journey through the Venezuelan capital, if not suffering from altitude sickness, until you reach the Hotel Humboldt, accessed by cable car. This is one of the best tourist attractions in the city. From here, over two thousand meters above sea level, who landed in this city can enjoy a beautiful view. (más…)

The cultural heritage of South America – Part II

lunes, mayo 3rd, 2010

The old traditions are hand in hand with culture and heritage are left us, conservémoslo, this is everyone’s responsibility. Your trips to South America promise to give you an unforgettable experience!
6. Argentina – Jesuit Block and stays Córdoba

Colonia del Sacramento

Fotografía por danuqui

The Way of the Jesuit Estancias allows us to know, in addition to stunning works of colonial architecture, a history of special interest to the continent. The Society of Jesus was installed in Cordoba in 1599 and began performing a dizzying task of religious and labor that led to the creation of a university and several colleges. To support these institutions, the Jesuits formed productive enterprises, large agricultural and livestock facilities, with rooms built between 1616 and 1725 around a church or chapel. Some of these buildings are maintained in good condition, some have museums and are the heart of this circuit declared a World Heritage Site in 2000. (más…)

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