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Playa Pesquero: City-Hotel in Cuba

miércoles, marzo 14th, 2012

Located 853 km from Havana, is locate the Hotel Playa Pesquero . It is the only one of the island that has a townsman boulevard, where they built two-story bungalows with 912 rooms, all with a balcony overlooking the sea, satellite TV, living room and all the comforts of a five-star Hotel . The passengers, numbering 2 000 in high season, have the option to travel around on foot or by golf carts on some streets that mimic a railroad, as the old mill. At the entrance of Hotel retains the old engine of ingenuity, forced place where thousands of tourists pose for a photo taken.

playa pesquero

Aspects of place:

Warm waters, clear, blue, white sands are not the only benefits of Playa Pesquero in Holguin, eastern Cuba, where Columbus landed. In this hotel village resort town, is invited to enjoy, to the hot pools, swimming in the sea, water sports, fitness classes inside and outside the pool, Caribbean rhythms and savor its rich kitchen or enjoy a Mojito submerged in the pool. (más…)

Easter in Villarrica Park Lake Hotel

domingo, diciembre 4th, 2011

During the days of Holy Week, 10 to 12 April, in addition to rest, the more adventurous can hire the services of a travel agency, advised by the hotel. This will enable them to carry out various activities outdoors, such as, canopy, rafting and climbing the volcano, among others.

Easter in Villarrica Park Lake Hotel

Three holidays are approaching in April and five-star hotel, located at kilometer 13 of the Villarrica-Pucón road again has everything ready to welcome guests who may arrive by car, plane or helicopter, and the hotel has the only heliport in the area. (más…)

Chile: Opportunities to explore and discover

viernes, diciembre 2nd, 2011

The opportunities to explore and discover Chile with regard to tourism, is wide and filled with activities. Below is a list of these places:

Chile Opportunities to explore and discover

Photography by Avodrocc

 Torres del Paine and Milodon Cave:

The main places that travelers visit Torres del Paine is the Cueva del Milodon and penguin colonies. He noted that the nature tourism grows from 15 to 20% annually. As special interest tourism, noting that it represents 70 million tourists a year in the world. (más…)

Travel south of Peru

martes, septiembre 27th, 2011

Travel south of Peru

The discovery of a country with a great variety of climates, landscapes and people, such as Peru, demand more than one trip. A good way to begin to know it can be to spend a first visit in the southern half, just where is the cradle of Inca civilization. With careful planning should be sufficient to fifteen or twenty days to capture the best that hides this part of the country. The places where travelers are sure to be captivated many, perhaps too many places, and therefore will have to choose, except that they have a whole month.

Travel Peru

Photography by cpence

South of Lima Tours: (más…)

Euroal Fair a showcase of international tourism

martes, junio 28th, 2011

Before me and other attendees of a Guatemalan woman wove a traditional way of their traditional costumes, in the Morocco pavilion offered me mint tea in another booth a «sculptor of fruits» taught me how beautiful figures made with melons, pineapples and watermelons in the middle of the floor a colorful group of Peruvians left me spellbound with their folk dances and abroad, I travel the world gastronomically speaking with some of the 80 exotic tapas served.

Euroal Fair

Photography by

These and many other sensations I have been enjoying in the Palacio de Congresos in Torremolinos, which was held from 2 to 4 June, the sixth edition of the Tourism Fair of Latin America and Europe, better known as Euroal. (más…)

Visits to Lake Bled Slovenia

sábado, abril 23rd, 2011

Lake Bled is one of the most outstanding tourist attractions of Slovenia. Located 45 km. northwest of Ljubljana (about 45 minutes by car), in full Julian Alps, is a perfect getaway for a sunny summer day.


Photography by Her Own Journey

This little tourist town near the border with Austria, and the people live by and for the lake of blue water, calm and clear that it is so famous in the region. Thus it pays to be for a couple of days for this young and green country.  After a visit to its capital, Ljubljana, we can encourage you to delve a few miles north and visit the lake that offers as bucolic as it prints. (más…)

Cheap Hostels in Barcelona

martes, marzo 15th, 2011

Barcelona needs no introduction. The vast array of cultural activities, sports and leisure activities available has become a favorite European destination. It is undisputed that Barcelona is able to satisfy the tastes and needs of all types of people.

Cheap Hostels in Barcelona

Photography by

It is very likely that before reaching our destination, in this case Barcelona, keep in mind the main places that we visit. Obviously you can change your mind on the fly, but it is important to start the trip with a more or less clear idea of what we would like to view. If so, we will be able to find accommodation close to what most interested us in order to save some money on public transport. (más…)

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