Hotel or Hostel? – Accommodation for all travelers

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Hotel or Hostel? – Accommodation for all travelers

Hotels and hostels are some of the most common types of accommodation when planning a trip. Both share similarities but mostly important differences. In this article we will see some of the most remarkable characteristics that define them, and what kinds of traveler are often targeted.

Accommodation for all travelers

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Main features of a shelter:

Hostels vary incredibly in appearance, quality, location, clientele and amenities. Most rooms have often shared with other clients, and private rooms for groups. It is also common to have kitchen (fully functional, kitchen utensils and food) to share among the guests of the hostel.

Normally, shelters offer common areas, libraries (which you are entitled to take a book if previously deposited another) and even parts of games, internet and television. The toilets are usually shared, except for those private rooms, which have their own health in general.

Some shelters allow free access to all facilities to its customers, offering a pleasant atmosphere and a friendly and willing at all time. Others, however, have usage rules and scheduling policies too restrictive, and the noise level (and partying) allowed always a surprise for the traveler arriving for the first time.

Many shelters even set up small activities and tours at the destination, subject mainly to the type of area and type of customers to whom they are targeted. These users tend to be younger than 30 years, but not always the case, and is one of the things that are most often hit those who visit a shelter for the first time.

One of the main attractions of staying in a hostel (apart from the economic issue) is usually the unexpected variety of circumstances in which we can find in our stay there. Not knowing what amenities or services we provide, what kind of environment we will find or how many people are going to have to share the roof. At best, this is viewed as an exciting adventure. This uncertainty, however, causes a complete rejection in many other customers, but if you’re young with a desire for adventure, or want to socialize the most during the visit to the destination, staying in a hostel may be the perfect starting point.

The destination to kitchen or coffee

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Key features of a hotel:

The hotels are much more predictable compared to the shelters. Always get a private room, usually with a sink and sometimes a kitchen or coffee. Not have to make our bed in the morning, or pick up the room when we leave.

The location and type of clientele, however, are so varied to the hotels and hostels, so the surprise factor so we will be there. But seen from the positive side, the discovery of the hotel is part of the adventure travel of the first surprises that we will have to find.

The most important aspects to consider in a hotel are: location and quality / services. The location we can condition a trip tremendously since the time it takes us to reach the planned attractions will decisively influence the number of them that we can finally see, and at the times that we visit. Therefore, if we have a few days or a very tight schedule of visits, the ideal is not to skimp on booking a hotel room with the best possible location. Sometimes, to save on the hotel just as many or more incur travel expenses, so you have to take this into account when evaluating the price we are willing to pay.

The second aspect to consider, the quality and services, also must be evaluated carefully. The main objective for the hotel is to be our refuge, and let us relax enough to cope for another busy day of visits. It is therefore very important that the hotel is clean and comfortable. «Room with breakfast included? If we woke up early and had breakfast, it’s one less thing to worry about, and we can throw to get our first point of interest. «Connecting to the Internet? It’s great to have it to finally find information on visits, contact with family or dump our pictures in a service such as Flickr or Picasa.

If we are to small, then the choice of hotel is even more important, you have to consider more aspects. Anyway, the main issues to consider are still valid in this case: look for a location close to touristic places too much not to tire our children, and look at the room / s is be in a clean and reasonable accommodation, because the kids are usually the first to complain.

Different passengers and different needs:

For some travelers, sightseeing and try the cuisine of the region it is almost everything during the trip, the other circumstances of the maximum have to contribute to this goal, so it requires the accommodation is well located and is clean to rest as much as possible and to continue the next day visits. A hotel is usually the ideal accommodation for these cases.

Hostel accommodation

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Other travelers, however, extract the maximum from a trip dealing with people and socializing destination. His main interest is in learning about new companies, so that the monuments and museums do not tell much. It is this kind of travelers who may care greatly hostel accommodation, where socialization is offered on a platter. In addition, travelers are usually are not on most tourist routes and often could you be more time on site, making the economics of property becomes very important.

Plan your trip!

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