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Tips for sleeping in airports

sábado, diciembre 4th, 2010

Who has not encountered the situation of losing a flight or a link at night, or have a link of aircraft with a few hours apart at an airport at night, or a flight is canceled by bad weather, and could not find a hotel the night before the next flight or, has traveled on a tight budget and wanted to save the last night in a hotel before dawn to take off.

Tips for sleeping in airports

Photography by Jack Brodus

So we recommend a number of essential items you should take with you if you bought a plane ticket, because you will be playing (insurance or by chance) to sleep in an airport. In addition, it appears that there are airports in the world who are more comfortable in them can sleep easier than others, so here are some useful tips. (más…)

The best hostels in France

sábado, agosto 14th, 2010

Visit France is one of the great dream of many people, know their traditions, visit its cultural exponents, taste exquisite cuisine and drinks, enjoy the beaches and all its cultural and natural riches that have together formed a great experience . For those visiting the country can choose from variety of cheap to spend a quiet but get excited at the same time, hostels in various cities with many splendid views. No doubt stay in a hostel is an excellent way to save money especially in these times of crisis, and even more in a country as expensive as France.

The best hostels in France

Photography by

The Friends Hostel, located on Boulevard De La Chapelle in Paris, is ideal for backpackers, travelers and students, is open 24 hours and provides a very comfortable price. The Friends Hostel gives us the opportunity to stay in double rooms and rooms for groups like 3-6 people with showers and rooms with 4-14 beds with air conditioning. All rooms properly equipped with Internet access. (más…)

Tax was paid $ 10 to enter the United States

jueves, octubre 1st, 2009

Ready to go por toposkevich.

Although the U.S. is not a country «expensive», given the drop in passenger revenue despite the weak dollar against other currencies, international tourist flows do not stop they were attracted to their destinations. The idea is that this law as to increase visitor arrivals and create more jobs.

Sure, if they think they succeed in putting more obstacles for the traveler … bad walk.
Some numbers tell the United States is losing ground: (más…)

Options for travel between Madrid and Barcelona

martes, julio 28th, 2009

2007/10/10 EC-HFP por wicho.

Madrid and Barcelona, the two most important Spanish cities, are honored by the air route with more traffic across the EU, ahead of joining the Heathrow airport in London to New York JFK, as well as two of the airports with more traffic, with Barajas at 5th in Europe and 9th in El Prat.

These cities are connected by daily flights, which make continuous Madrid-Barcelona route. Iberia, Spanair, Vueling, Clickair and Air Europe offers several flights a day, and Ryanair has the possibility of approaching from Madrid to Girona airport, from where they may move to the city. The frequencies of these flights allow us extreme flexibility and have the option to make the airlift in the case of flights for business. (más…)

Brazil, your travel tips – travel bag (to and from Brazil)

lunes, junio 15th, 2009

Brazil travel tips

When we travel there are some data that we overlook, either through ignorance because tourists novice regarding air travel, it’s always good to take some precautions or tips that you mention it and then hope to clear any doubts on your flight, as well get started:

Domestic flights:
Passengers can take 20 kg of baggage in economy class and 30 kg in the executive or first class. In regional lines, the limit is 10 kg for aircraft with a maximum of 20 seats and 20 kg in aircraft with more seats. (más…)

Flights to New York: useful information

sábado, marzo 7th, 2009

There are many possibilities for finding flights from UK to New York for quite low prices, both direct and with scale. Many companies have acceptable connections, so it is recommended if you can, be as flexible as possible on the dates and resort to all possible combinations of search. (más…)

Getting to Peru

viernes, enero 16th, 2009

Peru is located in the central and western South America, has an area of 1’285, 215 km2 and a population of 26 million inhabitants.
Several Peruvian and international airlines have regular flights to Peru. The main point of arrival is the Jorge Chavez International Airport, the city of Lima, capital of Peru. (más…)

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