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Hotel La Tremoille in Paris

viernes, enero 6th, 2012

Tired of minimalism?. He flees to Paris. The French capital recharged gathers more hotels than any other city. And it does not stay at the Ritz or the Crillon to feel embraced by rich fabrics and well-dressed beds. The Trémoille is a more affordable option, intimate and contemporary decor. You get to that feeling of coming home after a long day and snuggle on the couch, unfortunately, few places offer.

Hotel La Tremoille

Photography by

Things to consider:

This hotel collects several strengths. First, its location. A few steps from the Arc de Triomphe and the elegant Avenue Montaigne and a short walk from the Eiffel Tower, is the acme of the tourist who likes to walk. The neighborhood is quiet but very close to the bustle of the Champs Elysees. And the building that houses the hotel since 1925, is the most Parisian moldings on the walls, wrought iron balconies and mansard-roofed attic those of zinc as romantic when it rains, it is almost always. (más…)

Bofill Viladrau Hotel

jueves, junio 30th, 2011

The hotel was built by Bofill Ramon Bofill i Gallés (1858-1931), who in time became one of the most renowned dentists in Spain. From your query Barcelona and given his reputation, Dr. Bofill had as customers much of the Catalan bourgeoisie of the time. 

The Hotel Bofill

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Dr. Bofill and his two good friends Drs Valenti Carulla (also Rector of the University of Barcelona, 1913) and Antoni Ariet i Barberis (and 1st mayor of the 2nd Republic Viladrau, 1931) were the capitalized greatly promote Viladrau as healing and tourist destination of the Catalan bourgeoisie of early twentieth century. And quite rightly, as Viladrau was and remains a town of fresh air and idyllic surroundings like few in Catalonia. (más…)

The magical and enchanting Bruges

sábado, julio 24th, 2010

Bruges is one of the most charming and relaxing cities worldwide. A city full of nostalgia that surrounds all who visit Belgium. Being Beginhof is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Bruges is was founded in 1245 by the then Countess of Flanders and Princess of Constantinople, Margarita.

The magical and enchanting Bruges, Belgium

Photography by Jim Linwood

It is said that the city of Bruges is «haunted» by the huge silence in the place because it has something special that makes all the tourists coming here, immediately lower the tone of his voice, to the point of appearing to speak in secret and in the outskirts of Bruges are Wingjaard and Sint-Katelijne Straat, two small neighborhoods where they concentrate most pubs and shops of the city, so they are always full of tourists embarrassing. (más…)

The best hotels in Germany

viernes, julio 16th, 2010

Germany, regarded as a major world power and economic progress is a favorite place for thousands of tourists who choose to take a different holiday, full of adventure, culture and entertainment as well as suitable places to rest and relax.

The best hotels in Germany

Photography by Fabian Bromann

The Federal Republic of Germany has a variety of luxurious and exclusive hotels of various prices to suit all tastes, which are located in the best places in the capital Berlin and urban centers such as Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Ruhr Basin, between others. (más…)

Romantic Hotels in Paris

jueves, junio 10th, 2010

Romantic Hotels in Paris

They say that Paris is the city of love, the world’s most romantic y. .., may be right, besides being a beautiful city is certainly a romantic place for a long time, the eternal destination for lovers.

As it could not be otherwise, the hotel infrastructure is ready to receive thousands of lovers who visit the city, offering the best romantic deals, to make your stay unforgettable, see what can be: (más…)

Luxury hotels in French Riviera

miércoles, junio 2nd, 2010

Riviera Marriott

Place of glamor and eternal ride the jet set, the French Riviera manages to attract everyone’s attention from city to city. Throughout its long beaches are concentrated ports and marinas full of yachts, endless luxury hotels and restaurants, not forgetting the eternal tourists and celebrities who throng trendy places. But the region is not limited to its coast. Inside hides beautiful landscapes. (más…)

Hotels Brussels landmark

lunes, mayo 24th, 2010


Photography by Petteri Löppönen

Brussels, the capital of Belgium, while European capital, is an impressive city, which typically have the presence of thousands of tourists every year, which mostly are attracted by the architecture of this wonderful city because it combines some interesting medieval buildings, such as the Grand Place, with others of different architectural styles, such as very modern buildings. (más…)

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