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What to do in Riviera Maya?

sábado, agosto 27th, 2011

The Riviera Maya is a stunning area of Mexico at nature but full of hotels put in good weather, Caribbean beaches, jungle and Mayan ruins. The concept of the Riviera Maya was created in the seventies and eighties in the region of Quintana Roo that goes from Cancun and Playa del Carmen to Tulum. Building on Highway 307 that is parallel to the coast, with endless Caribbean beaches and good weather large resort hotels were built for tourists, mainly Americans and Europeans.

Riviera Maya

Photography by Grand Velas Riviera Maya

Hotels with all inclusive:

Most packages sold by travel agencies to the Riviera Maya, are trips to hotels with «everything» including, where the first thing they do upon check-in is to get a wristband so you can go by the hotel and eating it you like. Many of the hotels are in the midst of jungles interesting; for example, saw all kinds of animals in the hotel where we stayed. (más…)

Hotels and travel packages to Cuba

domingo, agosto 22nd, 2010

You planning to travel to Cuba? begin to know what are the more prominent Cuban hotels like the Hotel Iberostar Varadero, Varadero is located in rooms where you can find a night from € 206, the NH Parque Central Hotel in the city of Havana can find rooms from € 144 per night or the Paradisus Rio De Oro is located in the province of Holguin, one can find rooms from € 298 per night. As these luxury 5-star hotels.

Cuba Hotels

Photography by MattJP

It is worth mentioning the Hotel Playa Pesquero Holguin nn, we found the rooms from € 197 per night. Importantly, this itself poses more hotel beaches of fine white sand at Playa Pesquero. In the town of Trinidad highlight the Iberostar Grand Hotel Trinidad, is a 5 star accommodation colonial architecture, where we can find rooms from € 189 per night. (más…)

Travel to the Isle of Youth – Cuba

sábado, junio 26th, 2010

La Isla de la Juventud, Cuba, is the only «island» authentic, the second and last of the Cuban archipelago (the rest are small islands or cays). With 50 km long and approximately the same width, the island remains a little outside, set from the revolution to get young students from different latitudes. Hence his new name: Isla de la Juventud.

Travel to the Isle of Youth

Photography by Sami Keinänen

History of the Isle of Youth:

Speaking of history say that from the island, only a quarter of the wealth amassed in South America by the Spanish, came to fruition in Spain. A large number of treasures to be still in the sea off the coast of the island. Legendary pirates like Francis Drake, Henry Morgan, Latrobe Leclerc and Robert Louis Stevenson inspired his famous novel Treasure Island. (más…)

Varadero: Quality tourism in Cuba

viernes, junio 11th, 2010

Hicacos Peninsula, known as Varadero, with its 20 miles of smooth white sand beaches, is one of the most famous of Cuba dream vacation paradise, but a bit crowded in summer visitors.

Varadero: Quality tourism in Cuba

Photography by Peter Shanks

Not for nothing is settled for about one million tourists a year. Its greatest treasure is hidden in the seabeds, which have almost fifty different types of corals, fish of all species, lobsters, prawns, turtles and shellfish. It is located in the province of Matanzas and just 130 km far from Havana. (más…)

Virgin Islands: trips, fishing and diving

martes, abril 27th, 2010

Fotography by Peter Shanks

A mixture of hiking and water sports can be made on an average day in the Virgin Islands, the destination of thousands of tourists each year are turning to this point of global world. As for water sports can be started snorkeling in the caves of Norman Island. When swimming in the four caves, up to 73 meters deep, theatrical vision leads us to the hidden treasures of pirate movies and large ships sunk at sea. Nearby, in Angelfish Reef, the waters are so clear that a diver can maintain visibility to 28 meters deep, a record. And if it is to enjoy the snorkel should be noted Guana Island, where the inner contact with turtles, rays and mixed colirrubias beautiful on the outside with colorful parrots parrots and palm trees. Almost as wonderful as the island of Great Dog, brimming with coral reefs of elkhorn type. (más…)

Puerto Plata excellent tourist destination

viernes, diciembre 18th, 2009

MVC00052 por Jose Ignacio Borasi.

Puerto Plata is an excellent tourist destination in the Dominican Republic for those who want amenities and night, music festivals, sports tourism and resting places as the golden beach resort.
Located on the north coast, Puerto Plata is one of the country’s provinces with the highest potential for tourism in the Dominican Republic. Here the visitor can enjoy lovely places like Sosua, Cabarete, Playa Dorada, among others. (más…)

Traveling to the island Grenada

viernes, octubre 23rd, 2009

Underwater Sculptures, on the island of Grenada has set up a mega underwater installation very surprising. Visiting it brings a unique experience.

Under the Caribbean waters off the coast of the island Grenada is a sculpture park. To achieve this we must go by boat and dive between five and eight meters using a computer to dive.

This mega-facility was created by Englishman Jason Des Caires Taylor, who performs as a response to the damages that were caused by Hurricane Ivan in 2006. As a result of this is thought of building a sculpture reef where marine life is rebuilt. (más…)

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