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Italy: Fontana di Trevi

jueves, mayo 19th, 2011

Cabals and rituals of good luck dazzle travelers, lovers and students across the world. Fontana di Trevi on the show three thousand euros per day. Amazing is not it?

Fontana di Trevi

Photography by asbruff

Luck sometimes called back and requires anyone who wants to return to a city the making of more than a curious pantomime. Those who have been dazzled by the beauty of the Uffizi or the Piazza della Signoria in Florence, should be willing to touch it in public at a metal pig (the Porcellino) for the gods to hear his plea and let him return to a of the few cities that joined their fate to the Renaissance. Rome also has its own spell to guarantee the visitor a return ticket, will be here to get back to the Trevi Fountain and throw one, two or three coins. (más…)

The Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point

lunes, abril 18th, 2011

Cape Town: The Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point

Less than two hours drive from Cape Town is one of the most legendary for sailors of centuries past, the Cape of Good Hope. To end a magnificent Atlantic coastline with beautiful cliffs and the sea is wild and untamed Cape Point and Cape Goodhope geographical point where the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.

Cape Town

Photography by clarism_4

The name of Cape of Good Hope is the first European who took the place, Barlomeu Dias in the fifteenth century. The sailor named this place as the Cape of Storms. However, King John II of Portugal renamed it to cheer the Portuguese sailors to open the route between Portugal and India, so I renamed the Cape of Good Hope. Cape of Good Hope finished the Basque sailor to cross the range and placed a cross there is now even a replica. (más…)

Croatia: «The land of a thousand islands»

miércoles, marzo 23rd, 2011

If you’re planning a vacation this summer stick, and would like something more exotic than Marbella and Alicante but you have no budget for the Caribbean, I offer a different option, Croatia. Still quite unknown to mass tourism, little by little, this place is becoming a big outdoor environment, in all there are not many tourists, but of course depends on where you go, in terms of price (it’s all super- cheap) and has a nature and so many places that man has not touched yet.


Photography by Gruenemann

Some previous advice:

If you go to the website of the airline Ryanair, have a look, you may find very cheap flights but try to avoid returning to the line of Easyjet, because it is a bit more expensive, good clear it if you have a limited budget. (más…)

Galicia paradise in the North West of Spain

domingo, febrero 13th, 2011

Galicia paradise in the North West of Spain

Galicia, is simply one of the most picturesque areas of Spain, this is magnet attracting the coldest places in Europe where tourists from these areas really notice the change in climate, vegetation, atmosphere and charm of his worldly nightlife and the quiet charm of the villages in the interior.


Fotografía por jodova

Characteristics of Area:

Galicia is composed of four sub provinces, A Coruña, Lugo, Ourense and Pontevedra, and the cities of Vigo and Ferrol. The capital of the region is the beautiful city of Santiago. The population is sparse, which is approximately three million people, they live mostly in coastal regions has about 100 inhabitants per square kilometer, which is much higher than the Spanish average. (más…)

Salvador de Bahia: color, art and music

miércoles, diciembre 1st, 2010

Salvador de Bahia is one of the most important tourist destination in Brazil for a thousand reasons. Its colorful scene, music, culture, gastronomy and its splendid beaches, to name a few.

Salvador de Bahia

Photography by Bruno Girin

Perhaps one of the biggest attractions of Salvador is the joy of its people, is considered the most creative city in Brazil and is also inherited many cultural events are rooted in indigenous folklore, but grow into the future, miscegenation, innovation in every way.

In the old town of Salvador de Bahia is not difficult to find real estate in Brazil. Market Model we see exhibitions like the famous «capoeira» or climbing the Lacerda Elevator, which is the largest American public elevator. Then you most want, a stroll through the colorful streets, enjoy the many beaches and a rich gastronomy. (más…)

Travel to Albacete

miércoles, febrero 3rd, 2010

Ayuntamiento de Albacete por carol_ab_spain.

Albacete is a city within Spain, which also became more and earn a place of recognition, which shows the world with the expansion of its borders, which is also open to reveal its tourism. The policies have guided the development of its economy, culture and tourism. All these as their main cards to the world. This game has made gradual improvement as of today, Albacete, is able to claim a real position within the regional urban network and as a result of the development of tourism. (más…)

Barcelona from within

sábado, septiembre 5th, 2009

If you visit Barcelona you’d better go with the idea of going to visit a lot of places of interest: La Rambla, the Gothic, the Sagrada Familia and La Pedrera are just a sample of what you can see in Barcelona, plus all restaurants, museums, beaches and shops. So you know, wear comfortable shoes because visiting Barcelona means a plethora of sites.
This article is not intended as a guide to Barcelona, but a selection of some sites that you can not miss from the point of view of someone living in the city. One place is essential Rambla. Picturesque, crowded and very interesting, on the Rambla, where you will find stalls selling everything from orchids to be white ferrets, as well as street mimes who, although they have been decimated by a public ordinance, are still the main attraction of this walk of 2 miles long and goes from Plaza de Catalunya to the Columbus statue. (más…)

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