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Málaga – 8 tips to see and do during your visit to the historical center

jueves, abril 26th, 2012

Sure, if you think about travel to Malaga, the head comes to the Costa del Sol, the beaches, the glamor, Marbella, Torremolinos, etc … That happened to me until I recently had the opportunity to visit Malaga and know their historic center. And I recognize that it has been a pleasant surprise. The truth is I’ve never visited the city of Malaga, and was only a transit route to the Costa del Sol, but after traveling, I discovered a large city with historical roots and offering artistic interest has developed in the recent years.

ciudad de malaga

Photography by manuelfloresv

As a first approach your potential tourist trip to this Andalusian city, left following 8 tips on what to see and do in Malaga. (más…)

Aviles 9 places to discover in the historic center

lunes, diciembre 19th, 2011

I recognize so far not had any interest in visiting Oviedo, in Asturias. But you may also have happened to you, as we all have in mind the image of a city where the industrial development of the steel has darkened their environment and the facades of houses and monuments. However, after the disappearance in the past 80 years steel plants as a result of industrial restructuring, Avilés is now in a process of transformation.

visiting Oviedo

Photography by alepheli

And in this respect, the Niemeyer Center under the project of the Island of Innovation, has relocated to Aviles on the map of attractions in Asturias. (más…)

Trends in air: 10 to consider

jueves, octubre 6th, 2011

The future has landed among us: buy tickets, driving on the airport or spend hours on a plane is not what it once was.

There was a time when air travel was literally leave the world a few hours. Not only because they lost all contact with the earth, but because one was entering a very different environment of earth reality: a relaxed and safe in the airports, aircraft size antediluvian, charming hostesses with cap and drivers epaulet, a warmth almost cloying and even space to acquire services without taxes or guilt.

There was a time when air travel

Photography by chinaoffseason

The truth is that thousands of millions of passengers a year have become the magical act of moving a crowd of 10,000 feet in a pile of steel almost an everyday occurrence.

But there is still much larger changes to come. And these are just ten things you never thought to do before or during a flight, and that are imminent or even common. (más…)

Utilities for the phone: Take a good gadget for your trip

lunes, julio 18th, 2011

The phones have been upgraded so that the time has come to be helpful for people and that includes tourists. To do this in this cyber world has come to develop a series of modern utilities for mobile phones.

Utilities for the phone

Photography by avlxyz

These software utilities for mobile phones are:


The perfect guide for pedestrians, ideal for touring the city on foot or by public transport. This application is able to calculate the traffic and, depending on the outcome, to recommend the user to make the journey by bus, train or subway. Indicate which are the closest stops, and the frequency of service and time it takes to arrive. In Latin America, is available in several cities in Mexico and Brazil, and Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile and Caracas (Nokia, free with your computer and iPhone). (más…)

Shopping in Cardiff: things to consider

jueves, julio 14th, 2011

This article is dedicated to all lovers of consumerism. Although Cardiff has great malls we will focus on «shopping» in a literal way and step by learning a little history.

Although Cardiff

Photography by Neil T

Cardiff is the capital of Wales and a relatively new city. Although its origins date back to the days when the Romans occupied Britain (first century), it was not until 1905 when it acquired city rights. Its modern development is due to the Bute family in the eighteenth century that built the docks and spent (invested) a fortune on it. This infrastructure, together with a favorable economic situation drove the growth of Cardiff through the mining and transport of goods. (más…)

Phones: the best tools for the traveler

sábado, julio 9th, 2011

Maps and guides, but also applications to take a flight, make money or find a more suitable restrooms on a particular route, among a thousand other options for downloading and use.

Tools for the traveler

Photography by Cristian Janke

There once was a time when mobile phones were used to speak. Today they are used for check-in for a flight and receive a boarding pass, to know where we parked the car, to prevent traffic jams on motorways, to find a hotel stay, a restaurant where calm our cravings or even a nearby bathroom to save an emergency. And incidentally to make or receive calls, if there is still time. (más…)

Travel economy class

sábado, junio 18th, 2011

Anticipating, go in low season, travel to arm himself, take low-cost airlines, airports move into alternative use of loyalty programs … There are many things you can do to minimize the cost of travel.

Travel economy class

Photography by BillHoller

It is possible to unlearn the mental calculator that multiplies all four or five every time we travel? How to buy without guilt this souvenir of the Eiffel Tower when we get home we left lying on every corner? Traveling is getting more expensive, even in Argentina. Fuel, passages and even the prices of the hotels increased summer to summer. However, this is no excuse for not taking the trip of your life. Taking some precautions and planning the itinerary, it is possible to travel on budget: just have a little imagination and follow certain tips that do not fail. (más…)

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