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And Conrad Punta del Este in Uruguay

miércoles, diciembre 21st, 2011

Uruguay has a great diversity of landscapes, has a stable climate throughout the year, is generous in green pastures full of cattle, refreshing beaches and exceptional care of the environment. Possessor of a very special magic has endless possibilities of natural landscapes within easy reach. Their cities are filled with glamorous nightlife and wonderful Portuguese-Spanish style frozen in time.

Punta del Este

Photography by jikatu

Uruguay: «Country Natural»

More than two million visitors to the different cities, beaches, hot springs and parks year after year, they leave with the impression that Uruguay is a «Natural Country». Given its geographical location (30 ° -35 °) favors a temperate climate is subtropical, with coasts on the Atlantic Ocean. No extreme temperatures, from December to March summer range from 21 º C to 28 ° C, while winter (June-September) between 6 and 17 ° C. (más…)

The Huanchaca Ruins

miércoles, diciembre 14th, 2011

Huanchaca Ruins are administered by the Foundation Huanchaca Ruins in Antofagasta, Chile. It is an entity formed by the Catholic University of the North and Enjoy, largest casino operators, gaming in the country.

The Huanchaca Ruins

Photography by chn_yokoshim

Conservation aims Ruins National Monument Huanchaca and promote historical and heritage value, in addition to making the Desert Museum in the main center for educational, cultural and historical northern Chile.

Museum Features: (más…)

Kunza Hotel: an oasis in the Atacama Desert – Chile

domingo, diciembre 11th, 2011

Kunza Hotel Spa is the only hotel in Chile awarded the prestigious international magazine Condé Nast Traveller Hot List in the World’s Top New Hotels 2009. The new Kunza Hotel in San Pedro de Atacama, has changed the way we see the desert. Custody Licancabur, the shadow of Chan and layout of the water there is a great citadel. This maintains the sensitivity of the native peoples, without leaving the comfort of a luxury five star premises. Live is the key, the rest takes care Kunza.

Kunza Hotel


The Hotel is located in the Ayllu Yaye a mile from the famous village of San Pedro de Atacama, released by the Archaeological Museum Padre Le Peige, a couple of decades. It is the only five-star place. This remote spot, high amplitude and silence, invites you to relax your body and soul.

Meeting and connecting with nature: (más…)

A wonderful land in the Pacific

domingo, septiembre 25th, 2011

Discover Ecuador – A wonderful land in the Pacific

You have to look far in our world to be able to find a country where there are so many different options for visitors as with Ecuador. But what seems even more incredible is that such a variety of landscapes, with forests, rivers, beaches, mountains, moorland, islands, volcanoes, and with the richest biodiversity on the planet, is given in an area of small size, barely 250,000 km2 (less than half of Spain).


Photography by Jo Simon


Ecuador, the small country where nature has proved eventful, also has a rich historical past, and people have left an indelible mark highlighting Inca ruins and colonial cities of high interest. (más…)

Ecuador: Galapagos Islands Travel

martes, septiembre 20th, 2011

The voyage of discovery around the world the British ship HMS Beagle lasted five years. On board was the young scientist Charles Darwin, invited by Captain FitzRoy to help in the geological and topographic. In the course of the expedition Darwin did research in many places, but none were as significant as the study of species of fauna of the Galapagos Islands. And little could think of Darwin that his short stay in the archipelago, September and October 1835, should lead to a change so radical in their ideas and upset all hitherto existing theories about the permanence of species.

Galapagos Islands

Photography by David Berkowitz

Tour of Darwin: (más…)

Road trip to Aconcagua

martes, septiembre 20th, 2011

When most people are already in full holiday, others have just returned from travel and a few more are about to start, there are a limited number that privileged them, you can take the time to break away from the summer months. These lucky, a small group is now training hard for estarse in the best shape, and is that your goal is called Aconcagua.


Photography by desbiens_jean


Aconcagua, with 6,959 feet (6,962 m according to the latest satellite data) is the highest peak in the Americas. Located in the mountains of the Andes, in the territory of Argentina in the province of Mendoza and almost bordering Chile. The first ascent of this place was made by Mathias Zurbriggen (Switzerland), 1897. (más…)

The Puquios in Mendoza

lunes, septiembre 12th, 2011

Hidden in the snow, 180 km from the city of Mendoza and just 5 of the Penitentes ski resort, a perlite has been growing over the past five years. The Puquios, the first snow park in the province, we are invited to ski with very affordable rates and adding other options such as ice skating outdoors, bike rides, snowshoeing, sledding and tubbing.

Puquios in Mendoza

Photography by Alicia Nijdam

Site characteristics:

There are no chairs or LF huge promotion. Just three lifts that lead to different tracks and altitudes in the mountains, but offer a wide choice bounded to beginners and intermediate skiers. The protagonists here are families with children who come and go with inexperienced young skiers. Traditionally, about 4500 people passed through The Puquios each season. This year, after a sustained investment, its leaders expect about 25,000 visitors. (más…)

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