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Hotel Cabañas del Lago in Puerto Varas – Chile

martes, diciembre 13th, 2011

Hotel Cabañas del Lago in Puerto Varas breathe the authentic southern Chile, have all designed to offer guests the low temperatures and rain in winter. A new feature is the hydrotherapy shower, a bath tub 45 minutes in hot water staff, essence of lemon balm and hail of distilled water. After that, what better than to enjoy a good breakfast, taking a hot chocolate in the hotel bar with fireplace.

Hotel Cabañas del Lago in Puerto Varas 

Photography by

Rain Program:

Rain is life, yes, because thanks to it, among other things, the plants grow, the heavens were cleaned and fed rivers and lakes flow. Hotel Cabañas del Lago in Puerto Varas in her honor this winter devised the «rain program: for the love of the rain», valid until August 31, which invites «For the love of flavors» to enjoy the warm and better winter dishes in its Restaurant Mirador del Lago and «For the love of relaxation» to novel therapies in Natura Spa. (más…)

The hotels in the world of southern Ushuaia

lunes, junio 7th, 2010

tourism has Ushuaia

Ushuaia, «Tierra del Fin del Mundo» is a tourist destination par excellence, since we are talking about the world’s southernmost city. Ushuaia has a natural environment, there are some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Ushuaia is one of the most beautiful places in Argentina to see and feel.

With the growth of tourism has Ushuaia intense experiment in recent years, there were significant investments in the infrastructure area in the city. Noteworthy is the fact that Ushuaia is a luxury destination, so prices rise in accommodation, dining and entertainment, are high. (más…)

Hotels in the Cordillera de los Andes

domingo, junio 6th, 2010

Hoteles en la Cordillera de los Andes

The mountain system consists of the «Cordillera de los Andes» reached incredible heights, namely 4000 and 6000 meters, so impressive and like all tourists have the opportunity to see at least one of its parts. Being the largest mountain ranges in the Americas and one of the most impressive and important in the world, runs north to south orientation, extending a total of approximately 7500 km which takes intrinsic part of the geography of countries like Bolivia, Ecuador , Peru, Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela. (más…)

Cusco Hotels 5 stars

jueves, junio 3rd, 2010

Cusco or Cuzco, is undoubtedly the most important city in history, archeology and history of Peru and probably in South America, besides being a place frequented by many tourists from Peru, is one of the best hotel infrastructure of the continent, taking into your area the most important hotel in South America according to the latest list of the prestigious journal Choice Awards where two hotels located in Cusco top 10 hotels in South America, the Hotel Monasterio (1st place) and Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel (8th place), respectively.

A Courtyard at the Hotel Monasterio

Photography by Lee Coursey

The Hotel Monasterio Cusco: (más…)

Hotels in Bariloche

miércoles, junio 2nd, 2010

Bariloche is one of the main southern cities with an influx of tourists in Argentina, due to the beauty of its landscapes and climate. The cold brings the presence of snow, and is also the star in the ski resorts. Here it can be made from peaceful walks in the Lake Nahuel Huapi, to go to extreme adventures include activities such as trekking, mountaineering, rafting and diving.

Hotels in Bariloche

Photography by nestor galina

One of the main attractions of Bariloche is the Lynch Antonio Ski Center, located in the Cerro Catedral, with excellent facilities for entertainment insurance. (más…)

The best hotel in Punta del Este

lunes, mayo 31st, 2010

Hotels in South America

When the first visionaries began building hotel in Punta del Este in the ’20s, probably never dream that came to be what it is today. Situated on a peninsula privileged nature, this resort is today South America VIP destination. Most are not celebrities who have not walked in his famous Gorlero. The Conrad is there, impressive and glamorous, and holds her 5 stars, amid the aroma so particular, iodine and salt, wind Punta del Este. (más…)

Galapagos Islands Hotels

viernes, mayo 28th, 2010

Galapagos Islands Hotels

Mired in the idea of visiting new places and meet more effectively the world we live, we face the prospect of finding a new direction, and what better than the Galapagos Islands, which are outlined as one of the best options for Nature lovers and for those who want to exploit fitness activities such as diving, hiking and other activities that have always characterized by a high dose of freedom in their development. Located about 950 miles from Ecuador, these islands are a paradise lost of those who dream to share with wild animals in every sense of the word. (más…)

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