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Easter Traditions in Brazil

viernes, febrero 17th, 2012

Holy Week is held from 9 to 12 April, is the most important religious event in Brazil. The processions and masses occur in virtually all cities. In some of these events become diversified attractions, but that did not stop having a religious nature. While many take the opportunity for a journey of pleasure and relaxation, others prefer to accompany processions and masses performed in some Brazilian cities.

Easter Traditions in Brazil

Photography by Prefeitura Municipal de Itanhaém

Fazenda Nova:

It is in the village of Fazenda Nova, district municipality of Brejo da Madre de Deus, 180 miles from Recife, (más…)

The Rodeo Montubio – A tradition in Ecuador

sábado, diciembre 31st, 2011

The Rodeo is a tradition Montubio Cowboys camp on the coast of Ecuador, through which show the habits and skills acquired in their daily work with cattle on the farms where they work.

For montubio the rodeo community is a party in which the Cowboys participate with conviction and joy, more to stop up the name of his estate or association they represent, to win a trophy or a cash prize .

Guayaquil Rodeo Montubio

The delivery of the competitors is total, showing great courage and skill for luck and skill, whether horses, bulls or the bond, risking his physical suffering, sometimes injuries, and wounds. (más…)

Alsace Christmas Memories

domingo, diciembre 25th, 2011

Today I turn to the memory to save the memories of a trip to Alsace for a family we did last Christmas. Little remains to be is a year since we were visiting some of the most bucolic and charming towns in northern France, especially decorated to give the visitor with beautiful and and exciting pictures of one of the most successful Christmas scenarios that can be experienced today day.

Alsace Christmas Memories

Photography by timeyres

Christmas in Alsace:

And as we approach our special anniversary, I can not remember harder than snow, half-timbered houses of wood, vin chaud (mulled wine) we were warm in temperatures of -5 ° C, other aspects that are recognized are the streets Elegant in Strasbourg, his proud and beautiful cathedral. I also remember the boulangeries, towers and medieval Christmas markets in Colmar, Riquewhir, Strasbourg, Truckheim Kaysersberg or Ribeauville. But mostly, mostly I remember the streets with Christmas lights and decorations that lit and magic permeated the evening in any of these French towns and cities. (más…)

Popular festivities in Salvador da Bahia

martes, diciembre 20th, 2011

The calendar of festivals and started in Salvador, the capital of Bahia. It is at this time of year, visitors can witness interesting ceremonies, processions, music and «batucada».

Popular festivities

Photography by Vacacion

Famous for its history, the legacy of the peoples of other continents, their cultural background, religious syncretism and hospitable people, Salvador’s a stage and subject matter of professionals from different areas for a long time. Popular demonstrations, through several generations, have been a strong cultural trait of the city of Salvador. (más…)

Travel experience at Oktoberfest

sábado, diciembre 3rd, 2011

What I’ve always been attracted to the beer festival par excellence? Share table and hitting pitchers of beer with friends and strangers alike, to live the atmosphere of a tent where 10,000 people gather to have fun, no hassle, no hard feelings, enjoying food, drink and orchestral music for several hours, in total harmony. To be held in Germany, a country that celebrates a big feast.

Travel experience at Oktoberfest

Photography by constant progression

Beer, star of the Oktoberfest:

In the three weeks of the day Oktoberfest repeats the same ritual: the great horse-drawn carriages in the traditional manner, full of barrels of beer brands Bavaria centuries, they go in the morning to the esplanade and deliver Thieresewiesen its thousands of gallons of handcrafted beers. Not be long before being eaten. (más…)

The Carnival of Barranquilla, a great travel experience

miércoles, noviembre 30th, 2011

The Carnival of Barranquilla Colombia is a party for the world and the confluence of cultures, races, myths and legends, encourage live and enjoy it. Barranquilla Joy seduces national and international tourists inviting them to participate year after year, one of the most important cultural festivals in the country. The Carnival of Barranquilla, to be held between 21 and 24 February, is unique in its cultural diversity and for being a party where all are players. Every dance, every folkloric group, each costume, participates in making the party the best show, but not just for show, but, especially, to enjoy it.

The Carnival of Barranquilla

Photography by

Dances and parades: (más…)

Visual guide to getting lost in the Oktoberfest

martes, noviembre 22nd, 2011

Visual guide to getting lost in the Oktoberfest

This trip gives us the opportunity to see the city of Munich adorned for the great event of the year, the Oktoberfest, the most popular festival in Germany that receives millions of visitors each year.


Photography by GAP089

List tents of Oktoberfest:

Then we will follow the map to tell about each tent. (más…)

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