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Catamarca in the route of adobe Argentina

sábado, mayo 28th, 2011

Catamarca: The route of adobe Argentina

In the department of Tinogasta Catamarca, a series of tranquil villages retain many houses, churches and oratories of adobe, raised some centuries ago. Construction techniques on the ground, opened in the area for the residents Diaguitas successfully apply today.

Argentina Rural Tourism

Photography by

In the arid west of Catamarca is raised a little world of adobe buildings that were born from the seventeenth century, when the region was still diaguita land, and continued to develop during the colonial era to the present day. (más…)

New Zealand the country of the great white cloud

jueves, mayo 26th, 2011

Endless green hills, virgin forests and endless beaches. Breathtaking scenery and paradise that we have released such films as «The Lord of the Rings» or «The Piano» However, discovers New Zealand not only allows you to enjoy nature in almost pure state, but also confronts the traveler with a culture and a very special way of seeing life.

New Zealand

Photography by Klomiz

A paradise between the Pacific and Antarctica:

New Zealand, surrounded by the vastness of the Pacific Ocean and last piece of land before reaching the icy Antarctica, consists of over 700 islands among which are mainly two: the North Island, where the major cities, including Auckland and the country’s capital, Wellington, and South Island, the largest but least populated. (más…)

Cajamarca and the Incan Baths

viernes, junio 18th, 2010


Photography by morrissey

You are going to the mountains of Peru, do not decide the specific location you will visit, you think will be a hard choice, of course it is. However, look at a guidebook at the airport and read: The Inca Baths. You wonder if that can exist, if that ancient Inca culture that spread across South America may have done in a city the center of relaxation, which is enjoying their hot-water baths. Read carefully: Cajamarca, where the land until Atahualpa traveled during his reign to be a therapeutic bath. You choose, this will be your destination. (más…)

2.0 Travel: Holidays with the network

lunes, abril 19th, 2010

2.0 Travel

Sharing accommodation, hotels criticism by consumers, amateur photos and videos from all destinations … The Internet is overflowing with valuable new tools to navigate beyond the screen.

The developments of new forms of communication are constantly changing our everyday lives. And just like years ago Internet habits changed in many ways, Web 2.0 is the technology that is based on interaction and social networks, is once again changing our habits in terms of forms of interaction. (más…)

Website of family tourism

martes, noviembre 25th, 2008

The first internet portal in Spain and in the Region of Valencia devoted to family tourism, is an initiative by the company Turisnat where tourism specialists from different autonomous Spanish regions have collaborated. This page is an area intended for enabling you to enjoy your free time with the family in contact with nature.

The information and services provided by the portal are aimed at parents who want to discover experiences with their children and friends through rural tourism, sports in nature and environmental education activities, with particular attention to routes, accommodation and y services adapted to family groups. (más…)

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