Playa Pesquero: City-Hotel in Cuba

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Located 853 km from Havana, is locate the Hotel Playa Pesquero . It is the only one of the island that has a townsman boulevard, where they built two-story bungalows with 912 rooms, all with a balcony overlooking the sea, satellite TV, living room and all the comforts of a five-star Hotel . The passengers, numbering 2 000 in high season, have the option to travel around on foot or by golf carts on some streets that mimic a railroad, as the old mill. At the entrance of Hotel retains the old engine of ingenuity, forced place where thousands of tourists pose for a photo taken.

playa pesquero

Aspects of place:

Warm waters, clear, blue, white sands are not the only benefits of Playa Pesquero in Holguin, eastern Cuba, where Columbus landed. In this hotel village resort town, is invited to enjoy, to the hot pools, swimming in the sea, water sports, fitness classes inside and outside the pool, Caribbean rhythms and savor its rich kitchen or enjoy a Mojito submerged in the pool.

Note: That all these activities are accompanied by personalized attention and excellence unbeatable.

Restaurants, bars, pool and music:

For the first day the hotel offers dinner in the restaurant «romantic», where the interpretation of a pianist accompanies dinner. Fine dining a la carte, with alternatives, in which no one jumps the lobster, which is the second course. Everything is fine, linens, cups and plates, cutlery, everything. Wine can be o. .. Chilean Spanish. This is what concerns the night. The rest of the day parade passengers in comfortable shorts, bathing suit and eat in different restaurants offering various types of food: Italian, Creole, Asian, vegetarian snacks and lighter meals in the «Beer Garden La Pipa», which is open 24 hours a day offering light meals, pizzas, sandwiches and fresh juices and beers. There are ten restaurants and a creamery with the most varied and delicious ice cream. All of them in a full bouleward greens with colorful flowers such as hibiscus, bougainvillea and many others, all under a blue sky and the Cuban sun.

Every day, people are entered in the computer area for the restaurant of your choice for dinner. Constantly circulating around the Head of Information of this city-hotel, Carlos Antonio Betancourt, who with his constant kindness and professionalism extended, solve any computer problem passengers and is responsible for having all the equipment ready for the countless convention , meetings and other events held at Playa Pesquero.

As for the bars, they are close to the looby, where people sit in the evenings in front of comfortable tables overlooking a large pool artificial, full of aquatic plants, statues, fish, all with light sounds of water, and any noise emitted by a frog, as well as the pleasant piano melody that plays a professional field. There is another bar where you can learn how to prepare yourself the drink of your choice. Another, in an antique train car and the pool is huge. In the midst of it, is the bartender, who confesses that prepares a thousand a day in 1400 combined. With his permanent smile, shake blender, crush the mint for mojitos, and will handle requests from swimmers that are installed on the bar to chat, make new friends and laughing merrily.

City Hotel in Cuba

At night you can visit the disco / karaoke singer and feel encouraged to dance under the influence of the best Cuban and international music. The show is live and Cuban musicians are shaking maracas, playing the instruments, and smiling and encouraging the public to be with you, which is very easy in the midst of smiles and joy.

The hotel also has an elegant shop where you can purchase music, books, beach towels, bathing suits, beach dresses, t-shirts, colorful shirts, bags, creams, sunscreens, all kinds of memories and the inevitable Cuban cigars and rum .

Weddings and Honeymoons:

Among the programs offered by the Hotel Playa Pesquero is wedding preparation, which includes the entire organization of the same: the legal services involved in a marriage, until the wedding dress, hairstyle, wearing makeup, a menu choice The wedding cake and some surprises. The room of the spouses has a special decoration and gifts. We were able to attend two weddings, one of a Canadian couple and another, the couple and family came from London.

Events and conferences:

The hotel has modern rooms for business meetings, congresses and conferences. To perform these advanced technology features, ensuring the success of any meeting. Playa Pesquero offers among its attention massages, room service, 24-hour medical care, pharmacy, car rental, motorcycles, laundry and fax, making it a very self-town hotel.

Railway Station:

As Holguin, located 35 km from Playa Pesquero is the land of sugarcane and railways, would integrate with its landscape and history. Thus in the construction and decoration of the hotel is recreated and integrated these and all the cultural heritage of the region. The aforementioned engine, which is the oldest of Holguín, dominates the entrance to the hotel and unleashes its traditional whistle to welcome tourists. Railcars acclimate their outdoor areas, paved roads mimic rails, the rail spreaders reproduce signs and residential buildings are named after streets and places in Holguin and Santiago de Cuba.

This is an original concept that fuses old railway stations, local traditions and Caribbean image, thus uniting tourism and culture in an interesting and attractive overall product.

Beach and International Diving Center:

The beach is another story. Its blue waters and warm temperatures, incite the inevitable bathroom, where you can see a spectacular landscape of creeks, streams, a winding shore and waves. It is also practiced volleyball, surfing kayaks, sailboats and pedal boats. Also, is windsurfing and snorkelling, with the International Diving Center, all with maximum safety and lifeguard professional expertise to ensure a pleasant journey. Finally, for hiking enthusiasts can enjoy a long, long way for walking.

Asked the General Manager of Hotel Playa Pesquero, belonging to Gaviota, Edilberto Riberón the origin of tourists, explains that first there are the Canadians, who visit throughout the year and the beach in large numbers. Then follow the European and Spanish, English, Germans, Austrians, Italians, French, and in general all the inhabitants of the European Union, plus Brazil and Argentina. We are in a golf cart with an Austrian, who notes: «Last year I came for three weeks and this year I stayed the whole month, this is fascinating, a paradise, and I do not care to know another place».

playa pesquero cuba

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XVIII Book Fair in Havana:

At a time when the nation’s capital, Havana holds the XVIII International Book Fair, with the presence of our President of the Republic, Michelle Bachelet. The academic and artistic program that Chile is the guest of honor is given beginning on Thursday 12 February at Morro-Cabaña Fortress. On this occasion will honor Chilean creators like Pablo Neruda, Violeta Parra and Victor Jara. One hundred Chilean writers will attend the meeting, to exchange ideas with Cuban intellectuals.

Bon voyage!

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