Luxury hotels in Spain

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Suitable only for wealthy pockets, especially now in full swing worldwide economic recession, the highest luxury and comfort in Spain have a good listing of hotels of five and four star hotel offering its guests all the comforts and a wide range of activities.

Hotel Villa Magna Madrid

Most, like the Ritz, the Palace or Villa Magna, are concentrated in the capital, Madrid, but others like the W Hotel in Barcelona, or Alfonso XII, in Seville, are spread over the rest of the Spanish geography. Although the more luxurious hotel is located in Port de Soller (Mallorca). This is the Jumeirah which completed construction last year, has 120 luxury suites overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, pool, spa and two restaurants, among other services. Five stars at your door plus support its category for the best hotels in Spain.

In these places there’s no room for an upset, nor for boredom. They are havens of rest come true. The glitz, glamor and sophistication own rooms, rooms and suites are combined with the possibility of all sports including golf, tennis, windsurfing and paddle and enjoy the relaxing services offered by the most luxurious hotels Spain: jacuzzi, pool, massage, gym, shops, medical service … They have hosted well-known politicians, businessmen and movie stars and music.

The W Hotel in Barcelona, designed by architect Ricardo Bofill, impacting both its undulating glass exterior and its infrastructure of 476 rooms, 67 suites, restaurants, gym, spa, swimming pools and one of the most spectacular views of the Mediterranean. It also has its own access to the beach of Barceloneta. For its part, the Westin Palace, Madrid, was until recently the largest hotel in Europe.

Westin Palace Hotel

Photography by Julian Rotela Rosow

The places where they are placed in these residences are also full of charm, and their interiors. When you stay at the Alfonso XIII in Seville, the visitor can admire from his window the traditional grandeur of the Giralda, the Alcazar and the Torre del Oro O in the aristocratic Ritz in Madrid, which offers 158 rooms, guests can enjoy the magnificent paintings, tapestries, antiques and period furniture that decorate many of the rooms. The real price of the suite ranges here € 4,000 ($ 6,000). The simplest is no less than 500 euros ($ 750).

In the Costa del Sol is Marbella Club Hotel, a paradise for beach lovers and golfers. This monstrous complex has a dozen villas with private pool and garden. Your Thalasso Spa is one of the most modern and complete in Europe.

Hotel Ritz

Photography by tnarik

All these hotels are also great destinations for lovers of good food. Each of them takes care to detail its wide and varied menu of dishes and wines. This is the case of Maria Cristina in San Sebastian (Basque Country), where, apart from staying in it the film stars while celebrating the leading film festival in the resort, offers its customers the best cuisine in the entire northern area .

And despite the crisis, the Spanish market for luxury hotels has undergone in recent years a remarkable growth.

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