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Enjoy Christmas in Prague

lunes, mayo 2nd, 2011

Come the winter, and cold weather, snow and hot chocolate. This we know well in one of the coldest areas may be passed at this time of year, the Central Europe, especially if we go to the capital of a country like the Czech Republic, Prague.

Prague of especially at Christmas

Fotografía por priittammets

But not everyone is suffering, since it is at this time of year when you can see this city in all its splendor. With the arrival of good weather, is a city that falls to anyone who visits, because that day is spectacular and at night is quite magical. (más…)

Tips to go to Oktoberfest

domingo, abril 3rd, 2011

Although we have discussed on other occasions about the Oktoberfest, it never hurts to add information and add more tips to enjoy this great celebration it deserves.


Photography by digital cat

Oktoberfest in Munich beer festival is the most crowded and famous in the world, takes place from 18 September to 3 October. On Saturday 18 September, the store where Schottenhamel will be held the official opening of Oktoberfest 2010. (más…)

Carnival in Cologne and Düsseldorf

domingo, febrero 27th, 2011

Germany’s Carnival officially begins on November 11th at 11:11 a.m. and continues to quietly and sleep mode for no less than three months. No wonder the Germans call this carnival season «fifth season».

Carnival in Cologne

Photography by PresleyJesus

Cologne Carnival:

The real climax of the carnival arrives in Drei Tolle Tage (three crazy days) whose peak occurs in Rosenmontag (Monday), day 42 before Easter. By then, in Cologne, home to the largest carnival in Europe, a big party begins on Thursday (Altweiberfastnacht) just following Tuesday (Veilchendienstag) with the burning of the carnival spirit (Nubbelverbrennung), symbolizing the Atonement the sins committed during the carnival season. (más…)

Music Festival in Essaouira Gnaoua

miércoles, enero 5th, 2011

Music Festival in Essaouira Gnaoua

During the second week of June is an annual World Music Festival in Essaouira, which has become reference gnaoua and fusion music in the world.

Music Festival in Essaouira Gnaoua

Photography by

Essaouira is a city located in the southern Atlantic coast of Morocco, about 300 km from Marrakech and has attracted countless sailors since ancient times. Its dramatic waves attract surfers from around the world, but its special climate and beautiful medina, Essaouira make a city that no visitor to Morocco should avoid, and enjoy your fish there, its beautiful streets, and if you plan ahead attend the World Music Festival. (más…)

Family holiday in Catalonia (Spain) – Part II

domingo, septiembre 12th, 2010

Santa Susanna, in the Maresme, family tourism is also a strategic choice for family holidays. In addition to a selection of hotels, beaches Llevant, the Dunes and Caleta has a child area where children are the masters. The inflatable water games and foam parties help to spend the day and burn energy. The fun is suitable for everyone from large to smaller proposals have fun. The station offers nautical sports including windsurfing, kite surfing and water skiing, catamaran, kayak or sail boats that are more pleasant.

Events in Catalonia

Photography by Hengist Decius

Like other populations Maresme Santa Susanna has not given up the mountain landscapes that are inland, and a mountain railway (transport) takes tourists on the promenade, through the town and goes into the landscape of the area Montnegre-Corridor park and forest park of the Font del Boter. (más…)

Brasilia: 50th anniversary of the city!

martes, abril 20th, 2010

Congresso Nacional, Brasília por xenïa antunes.

Photo: xenïa antunes

Doing a bit of history on Brasilia, say that the capital of Brazil, was built in the middle of nowhere and populated by staff from other parts of the country. The sky is the sea of Brasilia. Yes, the phrase is a slogan. But one consolation. In Brasilia, the sea is far away. Far away. And that, for many Brazilians, especially for those who came from the coast, which ever came from Rio de Janeiro, could have been a great tragedy. (más…)

The Carnival of Oruro to Bolivia

lunes, abril 5th, 2010

Carnaval de Oruro

The Oruro Carnival erupts like a river of ancestral expression and drama of invaluable cultural significance, while invited to visit this former mining town that seduces with historic buildings, museums and hot springs.

Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity is the category with which Unesco has distinguished the carnival of the Bolivian city of Oruro, summarizing the significance of art, history and sociology that studies the ancient world show movement that occurs out every year in the month of February. (más…)

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